Why Visier

Hourly workforce insights

Understand your hourly employees in minutes.

Optimize your hourly workforce, allowing you to increase safety, fairness, and to manage your people better, which is better for them, and better for your business.

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Visier People

Plan with confidence, take action with precision

Effectively manage overtime

Effectively manage overtime

Identify anomalies, patterns, and trends that help you address overtime issues so your business runs more efficiently.

Tackle absenteeism

Tackle absenteeism

Understand what drives absenteeism, measure the costs, and get meaningful information you can act on.

The City of Edmonton uses Visier to efficiently identify the root causes of safety incidents. See how.

Visier Workforce

Visier Workforce

Create a safe, healthy environment

Take a proactive approach to creating an exceptional work environment with information from Visier Workforce.

  • Days lost due to injury
  • Track absenteeism
  • Identify hot spots
  • Overtime impact on safety
  • Balance seniority on shifts
  • Track case history


Saved in less employee turnover


Months average time to ROI


Increase in HR Team* efficiency


Increase in revenue per employee

A 360° view into your workforce

When you extend analytics beyond the core, you can explore the full experience and impact of employees as they apply, onboard, develop, and someday leave your organization. Hourly workforce insights is just the beginning.

People analytics

See a unified picture of your workforce data, and make better decisions, no matter how many employees or systems you have.

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People analytics

“We previously spent all of our time on crunching data. The Visier tool allows to analyze the data, spend less time on data crunching, and move more towards insights and actions.”

Gina Max, Senior Director, Talent Management & Diversity

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