Why Visier

Model customization

Your business, your data, your model

Every business is different, and yours is no exception. Modify our pre-built metrics, add new attributes, or even extend Visier’s Analytic Model with your own objects and data.

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Customize analytic model

Rapidly meet any use case

Discover ways to enhance and extend Visier’s Analytic Model.

Modify: Change an existing metric or attribute

Adjust the thresholds used to categorize your top-performing employees to drive insight into a new performance process.

Load: Ingest and configure any data source

Bring in sales data to understand how learning opportunities impact employee performance and revenue.

Add: Create new analytic objects, attributes, or properties

Add a custom analytic object to understand employee impact on customer satisfaction or revenue.

Leading companies use Visier for mission-critical analytics

Answer any workforce question faster with analytics tailored to your business needs

Get everything you need to extend, prototype, and deploy data model enhancements—without impacting day-to-day analytics delivery.

Full control over the analytic model
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Custom Insights, Unleashed: Tailoring Visier’s Analytics for Every HR Scenario

Visier's powerful prototyping tools help data analysts easily create and modify analytic content and ingest new data sources to answer business questions.

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Elizabeth Bartels

One of the beautiful things about Visier is the system's ability to pull in different data sources from all over. Leaders can go right to Visier and utilize either a pre-built analysis, or they can create their own analysis in the tool.

Elizabeth Bartels, Workforce AnalystCommonSpirit Health