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Enbridge improved employee experience using analytics

Quick access to relevant insights
Quick access to relevant insights
Ability to mass customize analyses and reports
Ability to mass customize analyses and reports
Full picture of employee experience
Full picture of employee experience


Enbridge began its workforce analytics journey in 2015. What started as a concept and a few committed professionals has evolved considerably. Today, they have a small team spanning people analytics, reporting and digital enablement, and employee surveys and experience. 

Given growing demand for custom analyses and employee experience insights, it was difficult to scale early successes more broadly.

“When you start to relate employee experience data to other HR events, attributes, and issues, then you need something that pulls it all together. That’s where Visier comes into play.”

— Allen Hornung, People Strategy, Insights and Experience at Enbridge


Pilot project on retention

Enbridge chose Visier People® because it enabled them to scale their team’s people analytics efforts and provide self-serve access to HRBPs through a user-friendly, sharable channel. Enbridge partnered with Visier to launch an initial use case to better understand their state of employee retention. 

Their Visier analysis highlighted anomalies in different employee segments where retention trends were different from overall levels. They dug further into the data, zeroing in on higher risk groups like Millennial employees in certain regions, with group-specific insights for targeted action planning.

Given growing demand for custom analyses and employee experience insights, it was difficult to scale early successes more broadly.

“Visier allows us to do mass customization of analysis templates with very little incremental effort,” says Allen. “We try to build for 80% of the needs, but some of our customers want one piece or nuance added. This kind of customization can take up a lot of the HR partner’s time. But Visier allows us to serve this need at scale.”

The success of this initial rollout convinced Enbridge to add more sources of data into Visier to enable analyses of other workforce issues–especially employee experience. 

Meeting employee experience goals with integrated solutions

Enbridge uses a leading employee experience management software to run onboarding, exit, engagement, and one-off surveys. The goal is to integrate these multiple feedback channels and operationalize continuous employee listening.

The combination of Visier People and this employee experience solution enable the company to see employee experience data in relation to other HR attributes, such as performance ratings, time-to-promotion, and recognition. Analysis of the data in bespoke and context-specific ways allows for better focus and supports prioritized improvement efforts.

Enbridge’s long-term vision is to load employee experience survey data into Visier People. This is so that employee sentiment can be easily related to key employee lifecycle events, such as hiring, promotions, and resignations. They also plan to bring in case management data, external company reviews, and ratings of various transactional services or knowledge articles. This will enable development of a baseline measure of how employees interpret and feel about these lifecycle events and HR services at moments that matter. The result is better informed investments in people programs, leading to improvements in employees’ work lives and careers.  

“Our goal is to keep our finger on the pulse of how our people are thinking and feeling, and housing this information centrally enables rapid issue identification and intervention,” says Allen.

Moments that matter are any time the employee is engaged with their employer, especially times that are emotionally charged, where the organization can show up well or cause disengagement.
Moments that matter are any time the employee is engaged with their employer, especially times that are emotionally charged, where the organization can show up well or cause disengagement.


System integration and confidential data handling

Creating a central employee experience data hub involves a certain level of complexity, since each survey is a separate project. Each project may also be structured differently, but Allen notes:

“Visier has the strength of a large number of data integrations being possible.”

Additionally, surveys done by Enbridge might be attributed to an individual–or not. This has a large impact on the structure of data and analytics, and the team makes it a priority to ensure the right level of abstraction is used depending on whether individual level data is available.  

If the survey promises confidentiality, only a small group of authorized survey analysts in HR can tell who said what, but the data is available for analysis. However, if the information is anonymous, then only limited aggregate-level reporting is possible. Blending individual with group-level experience data into an analytics platform like Visier–with appropriate visibility and security for end users–requires careful planning.

Rollout plans for employee experience data and analytics

The long-term goal of the employee experience team is to provide all process owners, policy owners, and general Visier users with direct access to the analytics. For some areas, such as the People Operations group, they will monitor multiple employee experience areas and identify specific improvement opportunities. Given employee experience encompasses not only HR but other areas, such as IT, procurement, and facilities, Enbridge plans to eventually expand the concept to other areas that employees usually interact with. 

The rollout of Visier People is being done through the HRBPs, who directly support clients–typically, executives and people leaders. The people analytics team is available to answer questions from HRBPs and trains them to explore and share analytical insights. 


Enbridge has been able to act quickly on retention and other workforce issues with their initial rollout of Visier. While they are early in their employee experience journey, Visier has allowed the analytics team to quickly share a data-driven perspective with leaders and outline things like, “Here’s what we are doing well, here’s where we need to do well, and here are our opportunities to improve.” 

In the past, some decisions would have been made solely in the back office by a top-down mandate. With improved employee listening and people analytics, Enbridge can crowdsource information from their employees, report back to participants on results, and show how employee feedback and sentiment was taken into consideration in the decision-making process. 

Allen envisions transforming HR to align with “experience owners” rather than traditional HR verticals such as benefits, pensions, real estate, etc. From an employee perspective, it’s the outcomes that matter, not where they get services. To support this shift, Enbridge is developing a consumer-centric toolkit that uses design thinking, agile teams, and tools like personas and empathy mapping. 

“We want to be helpful and say this information is available,” says Allen. “But if teams need more help with solutioning, we let them know there’s a suite of things we can do for them.” 

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