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Visier Launches Workplace Dynamics to Help Organizations Create Resilient, High Performing Teams in the Face of Economic and Labor Market Headwinds

Vancouver, BC |

 Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and workforce solutions for people-powered business, today announced Workplace Dynamics, a groundbreaking new product within the Visier People® family.

Workplace Dynamics combines the technology from the recent acquisition of Yva.ai, with proprietary Visier technologies to offer organizations comprehensive and actionable insights into the performance and resilience of employees and teams.

“Now more than ever, managers, employees, and teams need support,” said Ryan Wong, co-founder and CEO of Visier. “In this current climate, with ongoing record high resignations, a burnout epidemic, and the looming threat of an economic recession, it is critical for organizations to know how employees are performing as individuals and teams. Workplace Dynamics not only gives leaders the insights they need to support their teams, but as importantly, it also gives employees the insight they need to support their own productivity and success.”

Workplace Dynamics is the first and only solution to incorporate both active and passive feedback, providing continuous insight on how effectively teams are working together, while also providing early warning signals for burnout and retention issues. With passive feedback, organizations gain insight into team collaboration from multiple sources including tools like GSuite, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Jira, and Salesforce. Active feedback is then layered on top, in the form of weekly two-minute “smart” surveys sent to employees based on their collaboration circles. This results in faster insight–and impact–from fewer questions, empowering employees and managers to improve performance and collaboration immediately.

Workplace Dynamics can solve critical challenges such as:

  • Get a full picture of employee and team performance to uncover, develop and retain the hidden leaders who are the force multipliers for business results and performance culture 

  • Identify and address burnout to improve retention and keep employees happy, focused, directed and productive

  • Understand team collaboration dynamics to optimize workplace engagement, morale and productivity

  • Elevate employee performance and growth with personalized insights and coaching delivered directly to employees

In response to Visier's acquisition of Yva.ai, RedThread Research Co-Founder Stacia Garr lauded the power collaboration analytics can bring to a business: “Collaboration analytics will increasingly become the norm … There is simply so much power in these data so it is unlikely they will remain ignored for much longer.”

With the addition of Workplace Dynamics to its Visier People product portfolio, Visier becomes the most comprehensive platform available for understanding employees from every dimension–and the ability to use these insights to drive positive outcomes for the company, the manager, and for the employee.

More information about Workplace Dynamics is available at www.visier.com.