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Visier Announces ONA Data Partnership with TrustSphere

Vancouver, BC and New York, NY |

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and planning, today announced a data integration with TrustSphere, the market leader in Relationship Analytics and Organizational Network Analysis (ONA). Through this collaboration, ONA metrics can now be viewed alongside broader people analytics data to add a new dimension to an organization’s workforce insights.


With the TrustSphere integration, Visier customers can now make better decisions based on previously difficult to obtain relationship network metrics, combined with other HR data. Deeper, network insights provide the context to identify hidden talent, key influencers and enable smarter strategic workforce planning.


“ONA has emerged as one of the hottest topics in HR right now, and for good reason. Without it, the people who truly deserve to be recognized within an organization can be overlooked,” said Ian Cook, Vice President of People Solutions  at Visier. “When a solid ONA premise is combined with the multi-dimensional people analysis of Visier, companies gain powerful and actionable insights that drive much better talent decisions.”


Manish Goel, CEO of TrustSphere, shared, “We’ve all heard the saying ‘it’s not what you know, rather it’s  who you know’. The science behind TrustSphere’s ONA technology measures how employees build and maintain their relationship networks and social capital. This is providing powerful workforce insights in high-potentials selection, leadership development, succession planning and diversity and inclusion. Our partnership enables Visier customers to transform their strategic workforce planning initiatives using powerful new analytics and insights. Together this allows organizations to better develop and manage their most important talent.”


Combining ONA with people analytics can also provide meaningful insights into the effectiveness of organizational diversity and inclusion initiatives. ONA can show D&I leaders if employees – and their managers – are building networks that foster inclusion and enable diverse employees to reach their potential. A comprehensive understanding of the relationships built, and the associated hiring, promotions and retention rates of those employees can help companies build the right internal networks for equal promotion opportunities.

Visier’s ONA capabilities are now available, further information about the benefits of ONA can be found on a recent blog article.


About Visier

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About TrustSphere

TrustSphere is the widely recognized market leader in Relationship Analytics. We help organizations leverage a most valuable asset – their collective relationship network. By analyzing log data from enterprise communication and collaboration systems such as email, and using advanced data science and machine learning, TrustSphere builds and maintains an enterprise’s own relationship graph. Leveraging the science of Organizational Network Analysis, TrustSphere measures the social capital of individual employees, of teams and of organizations as a whole. This rich set of analytics surface insights which help our clients across the globe address key business challenges including workforce productivity, sales force effectiveness and enterprise-wide collaboration. Current uses of our workforce analytics solutions include measuring the impact of leadership development, identifying high potentials, understanding finding hidden influencers, accelerating new staff onboarding and measuring the effectiveness of inclusion and diversity programs. Our ground-breaking solutions, processed in our proprietary technology platform, are deployed through an increasing number of technology and business partners including IBM, Salesforce.com, SugarCRM, Veritas and leading management consulting partners.

Contact for TrustSphere:
Priya Bagga – VP, Marketing
3 Phillip Street
#13-03 Royal Group Building, Singapore 048693
+65 6536 5203