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Visier for Diverse,
Equitable Talent

Visier makes analytics simple by eliminating bias and employing equitable hiring practices, giving you a clear picture of your hiring pipeline.

Bringing diverse hires into your pipeline is complex–your people analytics shouldn’t be

Visier will guide you to ask the right questions of your data, leading to better decisions that improve diversity and quality of hire.

Meet your D&I hiring goals

Identify where you’re making headway and where the business needs to improve by connecting various data to ensure success for your program.

Clearly understand your hiring funnel

Find the holes in your funnel to increase recruiter efficiency and develop repeatable successful hiring processes.

Make faster, data-driven hiring decisions

Create a bias-free hiring experience and attract diverse talent by focusing your attention on where the impact is greatest.

Deliver timely recruiting insights

Understand where talent acquisition needs to improve by spending more time analyzing your business and less time building your analytics solution.


Improved retention

Visier customers have seen astonishing improvement in the retention of female leaders


Turnover reduction

By arming 400 HRBPs with segmented insights on diversity, Experian reduced voluntary turnover


Improved ratio

Visier customers have witnessed an improved female leadership ratio to males by 11.5%

See the real story behind your recruiting and hiring diversity

Nobody can decipher the complex hiring and talent insights inside your people data better than Visier. Make the right decisions to attract, retain, and develop the team you need.

Understand whether you need more candidates–or more successful candidates

Data captured during the talent acquisition cycle helps you figure out what and where you need to make changes in order to better meet your diversity goals.

  • Project out current applicant and hiring trends to see where your diversity will be in the future if you make no changes
  • Discover if having a diverse hiring panel makes a difference to historically excluded and non-diverse applicants
Attract more diverse, high-performing employees

To create a diverse and inclusive workplace, you need to focus your efforts on promoting equitable opportunities to new and varied talent pools. Visier helps you by:

  • Unifying and connecting applicant, candidate and employee data for a complete picture of the success of your program
  • Measuring quality of hire by connecting the candidate to the actual employee, and their performance
  • Modelling scenarios to see what it will take to increase diversity and identify the right path forward
  • Receive constant content updates to keep you one step ahead of the demands of diverse talent needs

Packaged analytics with Visier allows SMBs to transform and gain insight into their most important asset in minutes.

Ryan Bergstrom
Chief Product Officer

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