Understand your organization, like never before.

Go from thinking to knowing, from reports to insights, and from tactics to strategy. Visier People™ acts as a virtual data warehouse, bringing together your disparate workforce and business data, letting you answer questions otherwise not possible — even the ones you didn't know to ask.


Visier People Product
Capability Book
Checklist for a People Analytics and Workforce Planning Solution
Fact or Hype: Validating Predictive People Analytics and Machine Learning

Take the reins on retention and retirement.

Predict which critical employees are most at risk of leaving—and see what workforce factors affect resignations—so you can design targeted retention programs. Inform hiring plans based on accurate projections of resignations and retirements.

Propel better performance.

Get foundational insights into your organization and the performance of your workforce—all in one place. Quickly see common attributes of high performers and identify top performing teams. Understand what drives performance. See where employees are moving inside your organization and what demographic changes you will need to respond to.

Discover the keys to building diversity.

Unroll the blueprint for workforce diversity and unlock the bottom-line benefits that leading organizations experience. Measure and grow the diversity of your leadership group. Ensure fair treatment across employee populations for pay, performance, and promotions—and track retention rates by diversity group.