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It’s never too late to learn...
...if your programs are working.

Analyze the impact learning has on your business and fine-tune programs to get employees engaged and generate real results from your investment.

Understand the impact of learning

Understand the impact of learning

Get a complete view of how your learning programs’ affect business-critical outcomes.

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Assess and plan your learning programs using analytics.

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Develop an engaged, productive workforce

Discover the influence learning is having on performance, promotions, and turnover. Create a learning culture that engages your employees.

  • Participation linked to KPIs
  • Skills attainment
  • Time to productivity
  • Preferred training modes
  • Time spent in training
  • Training participation
Develop an engaged productive workforce

Know your skills gaps

Understand where you’re gaining and losing skills so you can prepare with the right hiring, retention, and development decisions.

Know your skills gaps

Ready to get answers to hundreds of questions about your workforce?

Watch how business leaders use Visier People to get specific answers to solve business challenges.

Pre-built analytics

A complete solution that transforms complex data into secure, self-service answers

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Continuous value delivery

A proven plan for success, aligning data, people, and strategy to get value quickly

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Domain expertise

Visier marries HR expertise with analytic excellence for powerful people analytics

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Confidence that you’re preparing the right people

Make sure that the people you invite to expensive leadership training have the traits that you want in your leaders. With Visier People Talent, identify high performing, well networked, engaged employees to include to create a master class.

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Case study

Pitney Bowes chose Visier’s full suite of people analytics solutions to easily analyze, identify, and predict issues and opportunities within the entire employee experience.

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