Visier Customer Story – First West Credit Union (Part 2)


First West Credit Union–the third-largest credit union in British Columbia–turned to Visier, the leading people analytics and workforce planning solution, to help consolidate reports, smooth their merger processes, and generate $2.5 million in annual revenue as a result of significantly reduce turnover in key roles.

By digging into the data, First West was quickly able to hone in on what the issue was, where it was focused, and put changes in place that decreased employee turnover and generated about $2.5 million in annual revenue from the positions that were retained. Find out more about the data-driven steps they took to achieve success.

“Our organization is really the product of three mergers over five years. One of the huge benefits that Visier has given us is the ability to really roll out a consistent standardized data dictionary and what our recent merger partners get really excited about…is that they have a tool that allows them to do the type of reporting that before they were either doing manually or they were not doing at all” – Nathalie Pasin, Manager, HR Solutions & Analytics, First West Credit Union

First West Credit Union is a long-time Visier customer and theirs is a great story about the continuous value the Visier solution delivers. Click here to watch First West Credit Union’s first customer story video!