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See your skill gaps. Unlock talent potential.

Instantly unlock unparalleled insights into your employees’ skills. Transform HR practices to be skills-based for smarter talent management decisions—from day one.

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Gain a complete view of your workforce skills

Gain a complete view of your workforce skills

Know what skills you have, how they are changing, and identify the missing skills you need to succeed. Visier’s advanced skills infrastructure simplifies and automates the tedious process of skills matching, making it easy to get started with skills today.

Gain a complete view of your workforce skills

Proactively address your future workforce needs

Stay ahead of skills demands with a collaborative, data-driven plan. Identify critical skills that need to be built or acquired, determine quantity and timing, and align recruitment and L&D efforts.

Hire, develop, retain, and redeploy smarter

Hire, develop, and retain smarter

Leverage skills insights to build a more resilient and competitive workforce. Effectively match the right talent to the right opportunities, surface opportunities for upskilling, and empower employees through continuous learning.

See clearly with skills insights

Retain the right people and the critical skills you need

Identify top talent and critical skills at-risk of an exit, and develop effective retention strategies before they walk out the door. Stay ahead of potential skill shortages to ensure you have the key capabilities required for success.

A 360° view into your workforce

When you extend analytics beyond the core, you can explore the full experience and impact of employees as they apply, onboard, develop, and someday leave your organization. Skills insights is just the beginning.

People analytics

See a unified picture of your workforce data, and make better decisions, no matter how many employees or systems you have.

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People analytics

“By increasing the consistency of our tools and processes across the enterprise, we create the space for the business to be different where it matters.”

McKesson's Vice President of Workforce Planning & Analytics

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