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Product Update: Succession Planning, Employee Recognition, Talent Flow Analytics, Automated Personalized Reporting, and More

December 2, 2014

Visier’s FALL 2014 product releases continue to expand and deepen Visier content and capabilities in both workforce analytics and workforce planning


VANCOUVER, BC and SAN JOSE, CA — Visier, the innovation leader in Workforce Intelligence, today announced the FALL 2014 releases of Visier Workforce Analytics and Visier Workforce Planning. The new releases continue to expand and deepen the scope of Visier’s analytic content and capabilities, while providing even more powerful workforce planning functionality and insights.

“One of Visier’s unique differentiators is our ability to provide customers with new, multi-dimensional insights by connecting all of their workforce data together, from all their HR and business systems,” says Ian Cook, Director, Product Management, Workforce Analytics, Visier. “With this release, we’ve continued to expand and deepen the scope of these insights to include even more recognition and succession planning metrics, analytics and interactive visualizations.”

With the FALL 2014 release, Visier Workforce Analytics now includes a set of recognition metrics, analytics and visualizations, which organizations can use to better understand and make decisions about the impact of their recognition programs. Because Visier brings together all of an organization’s workforce data, organizations can see how their recognition programs are impacting employee retention, performance and other factors.

Additionally, Visier has added new succession planning content, and developed a one-of-a-kind interactive talent flow visualization. This visualization — which is enabled by Visier’s unique multi-dimensional data structure and in-memory technology that is 250,000 times faster than traditional approaches — enables organizations to analyze in real time how people have developed in their careers and moved over time. For example, Visier customers can trace career paths for critical roles, uncover the lineage of leaders, and see how departments have developed over time.

Flow Visual

Visier’s talent flow visualization lets customers trace career paths for critical roles, uncover the lineage of leaders, and see how departments have developed over time.

Visier Workforce Analytics is designed to facilitate intuitive, time-sensitive storytelling with data. The FALL 2014 release extends this capability, allowing users to share personalized  workforce reports via email. The reports, which are automatically personalized by Visier based on the recipient’s role and position within the organization, can be emailed on a regular basis to recipients, keeping everyone up-to-date on key metrics and changes to their organization, such as who has joined, left and moved.

Analytic report

With Visier, reports are automatically personalized for and emailed to recipients, keeping everyone up-to-date on key metrics and changes to their organization, such as who has joined, left and moved.

At the same time, Visier has delivered a number of powerful new capabilities with Visier Workforce Planning FALL 2014.

“The FALL 2014 release of Visier Workforce Planning is focused on making it even easier for planners to manage, monitor and forecast against their plans,” says Dino Zincarini, Director, Product Management, Workforce Planning, Visier. “Planners can use our new cost breakdown feature to see all the elements that make up the total cost of workforce, and understand where their costs are coming from and how they have changed. This is critical to accurate, data-driven planning.”

With Visier Workforce Planning, organizations can set goals for the fiscal year, or for the length of the plan, and then monitor how they are performing compared to these goals throughout the year.

Visier delivers new product releases each quarter. To see a demonstration of Visier’s Workforce Intelligence solutions, contact Visier.

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