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Planning starts with accurate headcount data. Set growth targets, prepare for mergers and acquisitions, or simply build an accurate forecast.

Accurate recruitment forecasting

Understanding which departments are poised for growth–and which may be looking to keep the status quo or even decrease headcount–allows you to prepare Finance to budget correctly.

Accurate recruitment forecasting
Collaborate within departments

Collaborate within departments

Let the right people create their plan within your targets and roll up the results to a final plan.

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This biotechnology company saved $4.5 million through improved workforce planning with Visier.

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Accurate tracking and reporting

Move away from spreadsheets and towards a process that increases accuracy and reduces overhead.

  • Single plan
  • Accurate starting point
  • Distribute securely
  • Control growth
  • Measure progress
  • Predict cost
Accurate HR benchmarking

Ready to get answers to hundreds of questions about your workforce?

Watch how business leaders use Visier People to get specific answers to solve business challenges.

Pre-built analytics

A complete solution that transforms complex data into secure, self-service answers

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Continuous value delivery

A proven plan for success, aligning data, people, and strategy to get value quickly

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Domain expertise

Visier marries HR expertise with analytic excellence for powerful people analytics

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Hire to plan

With your plan in place, it’s up to your recruitment team to keep pace with growth. Your plan can inform Visier People Talent Acquisition analytics allowing recruiters to prioritize hiring and source the talent you need to expand.

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Professional services

Case study

This professional services organization built a workforce plan that saved close to $3 million for a pilot group.

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