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Product Update: Visier Enables Strategic HR with New Data-Driven Decision Making and Planning Capabilities

June 22, 2015

Visier’s SPRING 2015 releases further democratize Big Data analytics and planning


VANCOUVER, BC and SAN JOSE, CA — June 22, 2015 – Visier, the innovation leader in Workforce Intelligence, today announced the SPRING 2015 releases of Visier Workforce Analytics and Visier Workforce Planning. The new releases focus on continuing Visier’s mission to make data-driven workforce decision making and planning an accessible and everyday experience for Human Resources (HR) teams and the business leaders and managers they support.

“Core to Visier Workforce Planning is the ability to create different workforce plan scenarios to support better decision making,” says Dave Weisbeck, Chief Strategy Officer, Visier. “With the SPRING 2015 release, Visier customers can automatically generate presentations to share the details of a specific plan scenario, or to compare multiple plan scenarios to each other, allowing HR and business leaders to make more informed decisions.”

For any workforce plan scenario, stakeholders can easily see:

  • What is the movement for headcount?
  • What is the trend for the total cost of workforce?
  • What is the breakdown for headcount by organization?
  • What is the breakdown for total cost of workforce by organization per year?
  • What is the trend for hires and turnover?

Compare different workforce plan scenarios

Visier Workforce Planning Total cost of workforce

Understand the complete financial impact of your workforce plan

In addition, Visier Workforce Planning SPRING 2015 includes new capabilities to facilitate multi-dimensional, data-driven planning, allowing workforce planners to easily switch between views. For instance, planners can develop plans based on “measures” such as headcount (taking into account historic trends, planned hires, and projected exits) and cost of workforce (seeing all workforce costs and how they are changing), or by “attributes” (such as department, location, or role).

Visier Workforce Analytics SPRING 2015 also includes functionality to further enable enterprise-wide data-driven decision making, letting HR and people managers answer time-sensitive questions about specific team members without the hours of manual effort otherwise required.

“With the SPRING release of Visier Workforce Analytics we are excited to introduce Visier Talent Advisor, a market-changing new capability that enables real-time comparative, cohort analysis of specific employees,” says Weisbeck. “With Visier, HR and people managers can gain meaningful insights into specific employees via relevant, automated comparisons. Because Visier connects all of an organization’s workforce data — from all its disparate HR systems — Visier can provide a more relevant analysis, taking into account hundreds of employee attributes, related to demographics, performance, compensation, learning and development, recognition, and more.”

Read the Press Release about Visier Talent Advisor.

Visier Talent Advisor - Comparison Visier Talent Advisor enables real-time cohort analysis

Visier delivers new product releases each quarter. To see a demonstration of Visier’s Workforce Intelligence solutions, sign up for a demo session.

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A leading innovator in Applied Big Data cloud technology, Visier provides Workforce Intelligence solutions that are enabling a rapidly growing number of the world’s best brands to maximize their business outcomes through their people.

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Founded by business intelligence experts—including former Business Objects chief executive officer, John Schwarz—the company’s leadership team has a proven track record of technical, operational, and strategic management success with companies such as IBM, SAP, and Oracle. With millions of customer employee records in the cloud, Visier is experiencing significant growth.

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