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New Learning Analytics Solution First to Market

October 9, 2017

Visier Learning dives deep, allowing Fortune 2000 to uncover the true impact of their learning investments


SAN JOSE, Calif. and VANCOUVER, October 9, 2017 – For the Fortune 2000, an investment in employee Learning and Development is crucial to retaining top talent, increasing productivity, and improving financial performance. Yet many spend tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars on Learning and Development, without the ability to accurately measure its impact on the business.

Visier, developer of Visier Workforce Intelligence, the leading people strategy platform, today announced the launch of a new learning and development analytics solution, Visier Learning. Part of the Visier Workforce Intelligence solution, Visier Learning provides HR and business leaders with answers in seconds to pre-built, best practice learning and development questions, letting them quickly translate these insights into better HR and business outcomes.

“Every hour that an employee spends on training is a non-productive hour—so leaders want to make sure the time spent learning has a significant impact later,” says Dave Weisbeck, Chief Strategy Officer, Visier. “But measuring the impact of learning investments is typically a manual, time-consuming process—and one that only uncovers a fraction of the valuable insights available.”

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With Visier Learning—which connects a company’s learning and development data with their data from talent management, core HR, and business systems—leaders can continuously measure the impact of their learning programs. That means they’ll be able to see which programs are working—and which aren’t.

Visier Learning data visualization showing how learning and development impacts resignation ratesStructure training spend to maximize its value

As the money that companies and their competitors invest in learning programs continues to rise, it’s important to know where organizations can get the best bang for their buck. Visier Learning helps leaders see which employee attributes lead to the most success with learning programs, allowing them to discover where to make the best investment.


Track and compare time to productivity for new employees

Good learning delivery is focused on increasing the productivity of employees. This is especially true for employees who are newly hired. Visier Learning allows organizations to track and compare the time to productivity of employees, identifying those characteristics which lead to the most successful employees.


Increase leadership development and succession readiness

For most organizations, leadership development makes up a large part of the training spend—but because it happens on such a long timeline, it’s difficult to know whether it’s better to build the succession pipeline from within or hire leaders from outside the organization. With Visier Learning, companies will be able to connect employee performance to development programs—helping them build a rich succession pipeline and ensure the long-term health of the organization.

Visier Learning data visualization showing how leadership development increases promotion ratesForecast certification coverage

Having employees with the rights certifications and credentials is critical to business operations. But it’s difficult to know with certainty how many certified people a company will have on any given date in the future—and it’s hard to know how to schedule the right amount of training to meet demand. Visier Learning uses historical data to predict how many certified employees you will have, helping you decide whether to ramp up certification programs to avoid shutting down parts of your business or slowing down production.

Visier Learning data visualization showing how certification coverage has changed year of year

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