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Artificial intelligence

AI-Powered People Analytics

Visier provides AI you can trust, lighting the way for people answers powered by predictive insights

Merge machine intelligence with human empathy

Enable AI-driven decision making at a fraction of the time and cost.

Foster human + AI cognitive collaboration

Process massive volumes of data from different sources and apply cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to produce insightful recommendations.

Foster human + AI cognitive collaboration


More accurate predictions

Visier’s predictive analytics technology is up to 10x more accurate at predicting who will resign over the next three months than guesswork or intuition.

Employee Risk of Exit

Know when an employee might leave to get ahead of the problem and focus efforts to retain your most valued employees. Visier analyzes data from a wide range of sources–such as payroll, HCM, ATS, plus 24 months of your employees’ history–to calculate when an employee is most likely to resign.