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Visier People® Skills Insights helps organizations kickstart their transformation into skills-based HR and people analytics by automatically enriching all of their employee data with skills, literally overnight.

The hardest part about skills-based HR is getting started. Skills technology solutions are expensive and complex. They take time to onboard and roll out, and even then, employee adoption may be low which limits the value organizations receive for their investment in it.

Visier People® Skills Insights eliminates this starting friction by turning the model on its head. Instead of waiting to gather skills data, we start by providing full skills data across all employees and other analytic objects literally overnight, through the power of standardization and inference. You can begin transforming people's decisions across your organization by applying a skills lens: retain critical skills, optimize payroll and compensation for critical skills, adjust recruiting strategies to attract more candidates with critical skills, and more.

Visier People® is the world’s leading people analytics solution. Skills Insights expands that solution with skills data so you can adapt to technological disruption in the business environment by focusing on the key skills your organization needs to compete today and into the future.

What value is delivered?

Visier People® Skills Insights is a collection of application elements that are designed to accelerate your journey to skills-based HR and people analytics. Here is some of the unique value provided by Skills Insights: 

  • Instantly and automatically inventory skills across the enterprise: Skills Insights automatically attributes all relevant skills to each employee and requisition. On average, each will receive up to 40 skills. Skill attribution occurs automatically as part of the standardized occupation process, and is performed every time data is refreshed, keeping you up to date.

  • Skills-enabled people analytics and HR practices: Empower HR business partners, HR teams, and people leaders across the enterprise to start managing their processes using skills; retain key skills, compensate critical skills commensurately, and recruit more effectively for key skills. You can start on this transformation literally overnight because Visier automatically attributes skills data across your entire enterprise.

  • Full skills ontology: Visier’s multilingual skills ontology connects over 14,000 unique skills (organized into a hierarchy of related skill families) to more than 3,300 standardized occupations. Each skill includes associated data elements including optionality, automatability, and remote work capability.

  • Start workforce transformation planning with remote work and automation insights: Each skill attributed to employees and requisitions includes an indication of the degree to which that skill can be automated or worked remotely. These insights enable you to make informed decisions about how roles can be re-organized to leverage new technologies and remote work, to help you transform the workforce to leverage new technologies and opportunities.

  • Identify hidden talent and skill shortages: Skills insights includes metrics that allow you to analyze the degree to which current employees are able to perform an arbitrary combination of skills. Use this to discover hidden talent, and to test potential new job definitions as part of a workforce transformation and planning process.

  • Customize skills ontology to fit your specific situation (future): Skills Insights fast tracks your adoption of skills-based people analytics by leveraging our ontology of over 14,000 unique skills, but it does not lock you in. The ontology is fully customizable so you can add the specialized skills that make your organization unique.

  • Automatic skill competence inference (future): Beyond knowing what skills exist in the enterprise, Skills Insights also automatically identifies the best practitioners of each skills so you can identify hidden top talent, and begin planning for upskilling and development initiatives.

When combined with Visier People® Essentials, the value expands beyond simply skills data and ontologies. All people analytics and HR practices are instantly enriched with skills, so that your organization can make more precise strategic decisions about what capabilities are required and how they need to be organized in order to compete in today’s cutthroat business environment.

Retain critical skills, compensate efficiently for skills, and optimize recruiting strategy for key skills. All this and more is possible simply by adding Skills Insights to Visier People®.

What do I get with Visier People Skills Insights and what do I need to provide?

With Visier People® Skills Insights, you can access:

  • 14,000+ skills in our skills ontology built on ESCO

  • 10+ additional metrics, concepts, and dimensions

  • 10+ supporting Stories & Dashboards

With Visier People Skills Insights, you are only one job title away from transformational insights about your organization. You are not required to provide anything above and beyond implementing Visier People® Essentials.

The job title standardization and skills inference process occurs automatically as part of the data generation process. After this process completes, Visier supports you in the following ways:

  • Visier provides coaching for your rollout, and change management plans to ensure a successful implementation and end-user adoption.

  • Visier provides data quality and validation tools so you can oversee the standardization and skill inference processes, and make adjustments as needed to maximize the benefit to your organization.

Please refer to the Application Definitions documents to access an exhaustive list of metrics, dimensions, content, and guidebooks that will be lit up once Skills Insights is enabled.

  • Skill Ontology: Visier’s skill ontology includes 14,000+ detailed skills, organized into a three-level hierarchy that groups related skills together, for ease of analysis.

  • Automation Index: Each skill is associated with an Automation Index that indicates the degree to which it can be automated through technology. This helps you identify workforce capacity that can be re-skilled, re-trained, and re-allocated to other value-added activities.

  • Remote Index: Each skill is associated with a Remote Work Index that indicates the degree to which it can be worked remotely. This helps you develop and implement remote and hybrid work policies, to increase productivity, reduce facility costs, and expand the talent pool your organization draws from. 

  • Skill Fit metrics: These metrics allow you to explore new combinations of skills that represent emerging occupations, and identify the amount of talent in your organization that can already do these. Use these as a precursor to workforce planning to identify the future roles your organization needs to thrive.

  • Requisitions and Employees: Visier People Skills Insights attributes complete skills history to all your Requisition and Employee records.