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Visier People® Location Check-ins helps organizations answer all their important questions about hybrid work arrangements and site occupancy.

Our comprehensive offering empowers organizations to effectively analyze, monitor, and solve a wide range of challenges—whether you're seeking to track where your employees are working, monitor facility occupancy, or compare results between remote, hybrid, and in-person employees.

Leverage extensive best practice content and insights. Filter our out-of-the-box content to sub-populations or specific time periods, or use them as a starting point to create your own visualizations and insights unique to your needs.

Visier People® Essentials is required as a prerequisite to purchasing Location Check-ins.

What value is delivered?

Visier People Location Check-ins is designed to solve problems related to hybrid work arrangements and site occupancy. The unique problems solved by Visier People Location Check-ins are listed below:

  • Manage Flexible Work Arrangements: Provides insights into the frequency that remote or hybrid employees visit the office. This enables organizations to ensure employees or groups of employees are adhering to their agreed-upon in-person attendance requirements for any location or facility.

    Why is it important? Physical presence in the office facilitates face-to-face interaction and collaboration among team members. Certain tasks and projects may require real-time collaboration, brainstorming sessions, or immediate access to resources or equipment available in the office. By ensuring employees are coming to the office when necessary, organizations can foster effective teamwork and maximize the benefits of in-person collaboration.

  • Measure Effectiveness of Remote, Hybrid, and In-Person Employees: Helps you connect work type (i.e., remote, hybrid, or in-person) to business outcomes. This enables organizations to compare performance, engagement, turnover, or productivity* by work type or compare willingness to come into the office by demographic, organization, or location. Organizations can make data-driven decisions to optimize productivity and retention, and improve the employee experience.

    Why is it important? Measuring the effectiveness of the hybrid work program allows the organization to assess the impact on employee performance and productivity*. It helps identify whether the work arrangement is improving or hindering individual and team performance. By understanding the program's effectiveness, the organization can make informed decisions and take necessary steps to optimize productivity levels.

*Individual production is available under the Visier People® Total Rewards & Hourly Workers application.

  • Optimize Occupancy of Facilities: Provides an overview of the occupancy of your facilities, which enables your organization to assess whether the continued cost of the lease and other on-site expenses are justified.

    Why is it important? Office spaces come with associated costs, including rent, utilities, maintenance, and other operational expenses. By optimizing occupancy, organizations can ensure that their facilities are being utilized efficiently, minimizing unnecessary expenses. It helps avoid the waste of resources by aligning the space usage with actual needs, potentially resulting in cost savings.

What do I get with Visier People® Location Check-ins and what do I need to provide?

With Visier People Location Check-ins, you can access:

  • 5+ metrics

  • 10+ questions

  • 2+ stories & dashboards

  • And build unlimited content

To unlock the full potential of Visier People Location Check-ins, we recommend providing the following data elements:

Location Check-Ins
In order to analyze records of employee check-ins, you have the opportunity to provide data related to physical location swipe-ins for badges or access cards, in-office network logins, as well as office location details (continent, country, state, city, and address).

Please note the Visier People Essentials package already allows you to flag each employee record to indicate primary work location and workplace type (i.e., fully remote, hybrid, or office worker).

What does this enable? You can use this information to monitor the frequency that remote or hybrid employees visit the office and make connections between workplace type and business outcomes. It helps you answer questions such as:

  • Are we meeting our goals for return-to-office initiatives?

  • What is the trend for employees checking in on-site?

  • How are workplace agreements impacting turnover?

  • How have workplace arrangements changed over time?

  • What percent of employees are working remotely, on-site, or in a hybrid arrangement?

  • How have engagement scores changed since we began a return-to-office initiative?

Site Occupancy
You have the opportunity to load information about the site occupancy, including effective date, site capacity, location details, and a unique identifier for the site and location.

What does this enable? You can use this data to track the occupancy rates for individual office locations, and see how it is changing over time. It will help you answer questions such as:

  • Which sites have had an occupancy increase or decrease?

  • Are my office locations being used as expected?

For more information, please refer to the following documents:

  • Data Dictionary: Provides comprehensive information about the data elements.

  • Application Definitions: Provides an extensive list of metrics, dimensions, content, and guidebooks that will be lit up once we have loaded these data elements.