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Visier People® Workplace Dynamics - Digital Day Insights gives you insight with collaboration analytics to better understand how people and teams work together to improve productivity.

Workplace Dynamics - Digital Day Insights provides continuous insights to create high-performing teams, reveal hidden organizational risks, and empower individuals and managers.

Workplace Dynamics - Digital Day Insights continuously collects and draws insight from passive data on digital collaboration between employees.

Further refine the powerful set of prebuilt metrics and analyses with data filters, or use them as a starting point to create your own questions unique to your needs.

What value is delivered?

Workplace Dynamics - Digital Day Insights is designed to enable an organization to uncover how the interaction between employees and their working environment has an impact on business results. Below are the specific challenges addressed by Workplace Dynamics - Digital Day Insights:

  • Manage Work/Life Balance: Uncover your team’s work patterns by leveraging digital day—a weekly average of an employee’s start and end time for their digital communication.

    Why is it important? Work/life balance is a critical factor in team success and performance. Understanding when a team's work patterns are creating an unbalanced work/life allows leaders to take action to prevent burnout and ensure that teams are performing optimally.

  • Measure Wellbeing: Using machine learning, you can assess the work patterns of employees to gauge who may be experiencing low levels of wellbeing (burnout), putting them at risk of attrition.

    Why is this important? Quickly addressing low levels of wellbeing (burnout) can prevent the contagion or spread of the impact to the entire team, as well as ensuring the retention of key team members.

  • Understand Meeting Impacts: Gain insight into your team’s calendar and the impact to collaboration.

    Why is this important?  Meeting “bloat” is a real concern facing many organizations. Meeting bloat can contribute to burnout and lower productivity.

What do I get with Visier People® Workplace Dynamics - Digital Day Insights and what do I need to provide?

With Visier People Workplace Dynamics - Digital Day Insights, you can access:

  • 85+ metrics

  • 35+ questions

  • 15+ stories & dashboards

  • And build unlimited content

To unlock the full potential of Workplace Dynamics - Digital Day Insights, we recommend having Visier People® Essentials. Alternatively, the following data elements are required:

Employee Profile
The employee profile contains information about the employee including employee name, email address, department, supervisory hierarchy, start date, exit date, time zone, permissions (whether or not survey and/or passive/active data is to be collected on the employee), and language preferences. 

Employee profile data can be used to provide insights to employees and their leaders at the individual level. It will help you answer critical questions such as:

  • What does my team’s digital communication day look like? How does this compare to other teams and areas of the business? 

  • Who is at risk of burnout? 

You have the option to load permissions data to monitor whether or not passive data is to be collected on the employee.

Permissions data allows the individual and/or company to opt employees in or out of passive listening: 

  • Whether or not digital activity is being collected for the employee.

View permissions can also be set, restricting data to employee-only or employee and manager.

For more information, please refer to the following documents:

  • Data Dictionary: Provides comprehensive information about the data elements.

  • Application Definitions: Provides an extensive list of metrics, dimensions, content, and guidebooks that will be lit up once we have loaded these data elements.