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Insperity helps small and midsize companies harness the power of HR to improve business success, using comprehensive HR solutions.


Challenge: Deepening the level of service and value offered to clients and differentiating from other PEOs with data-driven insights.

Results: Insperity People Analytics (powered by Visier) offers Fortune 100-level capabilities to mid-market customers to deepen engagement and create impactful sales dialogue.

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Challenge: Deepening the level of service and value offered to clients and differentiating from other PEOs with data-driven insights.

Results: Insperity People Analytics (powered by Visier) offers Fortune 100-level capabilities to mid-market customers to deepen engagement and create impactful sales dialogue.

Providing full-service HR solutions is Insperity’s bread and butter. From employee benefits and payroll to compliance and talent management, Insperity has developed a niche supporting organizations with 5 to 5,000 employees. 

Those organizations tend to be entrepreneurial and fast-growing small and midsized businesses with rapidly evolving business and HR needs. “The war for talent is relentless,” said Insperity’s

Director of Analytics and Information Strategy, Dave Wallis, and clients demand the leading edge of recruiting, retention, employee experience, and human capital investment strategies. 

“Insperity is continually seeking out innovative ways to deepen the level of service and business impact we provide our clients,” said Dave, and it wanted to offer deeper analytical insights into customers’ workforces. To differentiate from other PEOs and further underline its high-touch level of service, Insperity needed data-driven insights that could meet clients “where they are” on the vast array of human capital challenges that they face. 

Partnering with Visier for deeper, data-driven insights

Insperity isn’t new to the field of analytics. The PEO built its own analytics solution in 2016, and the lessons learned from that initiative influenced its decision to partner with Visier. 

Among Insperity’s goals were a positive impact on client retention, and it saw the partnership as a powerful component of its business development process.

“We ultimately felt that Visier provided the best alignment with our strategic objectives for HCM Analytics, our service model, data architecture, and the ability to seamlessly embed the offering within our Insperity Premier HCM platform,” said Dave. And most importantly, Insperity found a strong cultural fit in Visier. 

Data security was top of mind as the partnership got off the ground, and Insperity spent a significant amount of time verifying the security of Visier’s load process and architecture and addressing privacy concerns. The project benefited from valuable guidance from the management team and business partners in service leadership, technology leadership, legal, and privacy/compliance.

And the Visier team’s support with implementation has been key to making it a success, said Dave. “They are very responsive and provide great guidance in how to solve specific analytical and business problems.”

Creating buy-in with the “art of the possible”

Insperity’s executive management team saw the value of providing rich HCM analytics and insights, but for a partnership to be successful, it needed to align with Insperity’s high-touch service model.

To build internal enthusiasm for the partnership, Insperity previewed the Visier product to a broad spectrum of its service organization and got the buy-in that it could be a valuable part of the service offering. Partnering with Visier for analytics rather than continuing to build an in-house solution provided better “time to client value,” said Dave. 

“We also provided our company leadership a Visier environment that was based on internal Insperity organizational data, which allowed them to better envision what our clients’ experience would be,” said Dave. 

Rolling out to clients as an included feature

Insperity doesn’t charge its clients incrementally for Insperity People Analytics (powered by Visier). The launch “was not a direct monetization strategy,” said Dave, but rather a part of its holistic technology and service offering, primarily for mid-market and emerging growth segment clients. 

Clients have access to powerful analytics around core HR functions, like retention, cost, DE&I, and organization structure. And some make use of benchmarks, which show organizations how they stack up against others on key metrics like minority ratio and turnover rate. 

“The number of customized analyses being created is a great indicator of how much a client is leveraging Visier,” said Dave. 

To ensure the rollout went smoothly, Insperity gained organizational ownership from the product perspective by actively partnering with its service and sales teams. The company positioned VIsier as a solution used by its service team, which required significant training and enablement but helped to lead client conversations.

“The successful rollout of this value-added offering is a game-changer for our mid-market and emerging growth clients,” said Paul Sarvadi, Insperity chairman and chief executive officer. “Through People Analytics, our HR professionals have greater insights and are better informed to assist clients with making timely, data-driven decisions based on workforce metrics to help build an effective people strategy.”

Bringing HR data to strategic conversations

Insperity clients are using Visier analytics to tackle turnover, address diversity, and meet goals, said Dave, and turnover and cost management questions have been among the most popular topics for exploration, followed by DE&I questions. 

Thompson Child & Family Focus has experienced significant growth since becoming a client of Insperity in 2019. “We like to say we’re doing serious, life-changing work every single day. And we have to be mission focused. That led us to this journey with Insperity,” said Will Jones, Thompson’s president and CEO. The organization is now attracting and retaining staff, developing leaders, and making diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) a priority. 

“Central to these client successes is the use of People Analytics by our service teams partnering with the clients they support, to assess and shape HR and leadership efforts,” said Dave. 

Final thoughts

The Visier partnership has been a success so far—both clients and prospects are excited to see it, Dave said—and it has deepened the level of engagement between clients and the service teams that support them. 

“Insperity People Analytics (powered by Visier) opens impactful dialogue in the sales process and helps our Business Performance Advisors and Consultants illustrate the depth of Insperity’s technology ecosystem, and how our people-centric service offering differentiates Insperity from other PEOs,” said Dave. 

Insperity is continuing to deepen the Visier offering and increase the number of clients who are using it, and it plans to expand the benchmark offerings, incorporate new sources of employee information, and roll out Visier for greater internal usage during its next cycle. 

HCM analytics may have become table stakes in the PEO and HR technology space, said Dave, but Insperity’s partnership with Visier has allowed it to bring “Fortune 100-level insights” to the SMB market. 

“Insperity embarks on strategic partnerships of this nature with great care,” said Dave. “The result was well worth the effort.”


Bringing deeper insights to the SMB market

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