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Product Update: Visier Talent Acquisition Connects Hiring Investments to Results

Vancouver, BC and San Jose, CA |

Visier gives Talent Acquisition leaders the insights needed to strategically allocate spending to drive the greatest hiring results

Visier, developer of the leading people strategy platform, today announced enhancements to Visier Talent Acquisition that enable Talent Acquisition leaders to accurately analyze the effectiveness of their recruiting spending. “As the talent market gets tighter, it’s critical for companies not only to stay on top of hiring costs, but also to ensure their spending actually leads to better hires,” says Dave Weisbeck, Chief Strategy Officer, Visier. “With Visier, Talent Acquisition leaders can gain a complete view of their hiring expenses, and identify how to strategically allocate their budget to drive the greatest results.” For most large enterprises, assessing the full breadth of direct hiring costs is a challenge: costs occur at different times and are recorded in a number of disparate systems. As a result, companies struggle to understand, for example, if their investment in candidate assessments leads to more high-performing employees, or which hiring sources are best when quick hires are needed. Visier Talent Acquisition brings together—in one place—all cost information directly associated with a specific hire, and allows Talent Acquisition teams to answer important best practice questions, such as:

  • Which sources produce the most qualified applicants at the lowest cost?

  • Does spending more per hire leads to a shorter time to fill?

  • How do the costs of different hiring sources compare to the success rate and time to fill for requisitions?

  • To ensure that key open positions receive the right investment, how can we compare costs for different types of hires?

  • Does increased spending lead to better quality hires?

Visier Talent Acquisition enables talent acquisition leaders to analyze direct hiring costs in a consistent way.

Visier Talent Acquisition allows organizations to review whether spending more on hiring results in better new-hire quality.

With Visier Talent Acquisition, organizations can see whether spending more on hiring reduces hiring times.

Visier Talent Acquisition is part of the Visier Workforce Intelligence solution. Visier delivers new releases each quarter.  Find data-driven HR insights and tips at www.visier.com/clarity Follow Visier on Twitter @Visier

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