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Visier’s Research Finds 87% of People Managers Asking For AI Tools to Make Their Jobs Easier

Vancouver, BC |

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and workforce solutions for people-powered business, today unveiled new research that serves as a plea for help from people managers who see major insight gaps in what they need to do their jobs well and points to enthusiasm for AI as one of the key solutions.

“Too often, line managers rely on instinct and intuition for decision-making when it comes to their teams,” said Jake Sorofman, chief marketing officer, Visier. “HR organizations are sitting on vast amounts of data that would serve as a powerful resource for managers–but to date, it’s been largely siloed and difficult to access. The onus is on CHROs and people analytics teams to put the right insights, in the right hands, at the right time, and AI is the way to do it. The question that remains: can HR deliver?”

Visier’s report: “Managers Know AI Tools Make Them More Effective, Can HR Deliver?,” surveyed more than 750 people managers globally across the U.S., UK, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland and revealed the clear finding that generative AI-powered tools can empower them to become better leaders. 

Key findings from Visier’s report include:

  • AI is seen as a net-positive addition to the flow of work with an overwhelming 87% of respondents expressing excitement about the potential of generative AI tools to improve their role as people managers.

  • Managers expressed an overarching desire to make better, data-informed people decisions with 96% of respondents agreeing that improved access to people-related data would lend more confidence to the process. 

  • Adoption of AI is already underway with 64% of respondents saying they have already used generative AI tools to support their role as a people manager—49% of these respondents already use it to help write performance reviews. Likewise, 81% of respondents overall say if they had access to a generative AI tool that provided their desired use cases, they would use the tool at least once a week, with one-third looking to use it daily.  

  • Time savings created by AI would flow back to the team with 36% saying they’d direct their energies to team planning, and 30% on coaching their team.

”Generative AI has the ability to democratize access, providing deep insights within the flow of work, and without the need to become proficient in analytics tools,” said Keith Bigelow, chief product officer, Visier. “But its benefits extend beyond the delivery of data to act as a personal coach to every employee, nudging them to ever higher performance, delivering real-time insights in a way that just hasn’t been possible or scalable to date.”

“Our latest findings prove managers’ approach to decision-making should involve a balance of data-driven insights and experiential observations,” said Sorofman. “The absence of either harms the organization’s ability to strategize effectively and ultimately maintain a competitive edge.”

To access the full report, visit https://www.visier.com/lp/ai-tools-manager-effectiveness/. For more information on Visier, visit: https://www.visier.com/. To learn more about Vee, Visier’s AI digital assistant, visit: https://www.visier.com/products/ai-digital-assistant/

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