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HR is in the midst of a sea change, as more and more organizations accelerate their embrace of a data-driven and business-oriented mindset. Brilliant HR is fact-based, strategic, and impactful. Its practitioners ask not just how many, but ask why. They uncover workforce insights, help to shape business strategy, and create better business outcomes.

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Fast forward with unparalleled Workforce Intelligence

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Give new life to your old HRMS… or make the transition to your new one easier

Visier gives you the most comprehensive, innovative Workforce Intelligence solution available, regardless of what your HRMS is today or tomorrow.

Upskill without the hill

Visier was designed for HR and business users, enabling effortless, real-time, data-driven decision making and planning across your organization.

Master the black art of projecting workforce costs

Variables like turnover, off cycle compensation changes, and overtime mean your workforce costs are in flux throughout the year. Visier gives you a complete, up-to-date view into all your workforce costs and how they are changing.

Discover your data secrets

The answers to important workforce questions do not live in your HRMS. Visier connects all your workforce data, past and present, from all your systems, enabling insights and predictions otherwise not possible - no data warehouse required.

Raise your expectations

Experience innovative Big Data technology, delivered to you in the cloud by industry experts who are dedicated to your success.

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