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Your mission is to know what’s happening in your organization so that you can make fact-based decisions. Visier turns your people data into meaningful information you can act on.

Visier simplifies your path to success

We looked at a standard BI project plan and removed every step that our technology or services team made irrelevant and compared the results

Specialized data management

Don’t let bad data stand in the way of good decisions. Transform your data, regardless of source or state, into data that is ready to work for you. We are uniquely designed to manage the complex, event-based nature of HR data so that you have a repository of HR data that you can trust.

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Security and scalability

Visier’s role-based security model gives appropriate access to data and subjects for each user allowing self-service for your users and time for you to focus on analysis. No more need to create multiple versions of the same report, and no fear of exposing sensitive data.

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