Why Visier

What we believe

People impact is business impact

What we believe

People are the most important part of a business

Every workforce decision has an impact on business results, and vice versa

If you want to impact your business, you need to start with people

Visier helps you drive corporate performance through people

Since it’s now possible to measure the impact people have on a business, HR’s role takes on a new dimension

As the steward of the biggest investment most companies make (their workforce), HR is now accountable for results.

People data doesn’t just help you measure impact, it helps you create impact

There’s only one way that HR can rise to this challenge: with data. Specifically: the combination of...

people data


business data

When you can use data to understand the ripple effects of every workforce decision, you can set your people strategy with confidence

Creating people impact requires the right insights in the right hands, at the right time

To drive corporate performance through people, you need to equip leaders and employees throughout the business with clear, timely insights about

their organizations

their teams


That’s because real change happens when many small decisions, made by many people over time, are aligned with your strategy.

Who we are

Visier is the people impact platform

We exist to help you drive business impact through


Lydia Wu

With Visier, we’ve redefined the value of an HR organization and how we deliver returns for the business.

Lydia Wu, Director of HR Strategy & TechnologyPanasonic North America

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