Visier People® Diversity & Inclusion

To create an inclusive culture, you need to understand your organization and where to focus your diversity efforts to create the greatest opportunities. Identify and resolve imbalances, set goals on the right metrics, and start making a difference.

Be a leader in diversity

Diversity & Inclusion helps you understand where opportunities are for improvement or areas of risk. With Visier’s benchmarking data, you always know where you stand.


Set meaningful goals

Focus on what matters most–your people–and demonstrate success with fact-based goals.

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Anglo American created a D&I leader role after performing a workforce diversity analysis. Read why


Make accountability a priority

Everyone is on the hook to create a diverse organization so hold them accountable with data.

  • On-demand numbers
  • Executive summaries
  • Manager access
  • Compliance risks
  • Unmask bias
  • Set and measure goals
Employee starts by gender and ethnicity - fictional data

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