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Help your workforce thrive.

Your greatest asset, your organization’s biggest investment, is your workforce. Yet too often important people decisions are left to hunches and educated guesses, rather than facts and intelligent predictions. Visier People: Talent answers all your important talent questions, from those about employee retention and movement to performance and engagement to leave management, compensation, leadership succession, risk management, and how talent decisions impact business results.
Propel better performance.

Propel better performance.

With Visier People: Talent, quickly see common attributes of high performers and identify top performing teams. Understand what drives performance and engagement. See where employees are moving inside your organization and what demographic changes you will need to respond to.
Reduce the impact of absence and overtime.

Reduce the impact of absence and overtime.

Understand the factors that contribute to absence and overtime so you can build programs to reduce their cost impact. Then continuously monitor the results of those programs and measure how they’ve changed the costs incurred by your organization.
Nurture the talent that you have to create the talent that you’ll need.

Nurture the talent that you have to create the talent that you’ll need.

Review and project trends in career mobility within your organization to better plan for future needs. Keep your high-performers engaged by creating Career Journeys™, visualizing their progression within the organization. Measure and grow the diversity of your leadership group and its pool of successors with clear dashboards showing what you’ve got and what you need.

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