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Extract answers from raw HR data

Build workforce strategies that break the mold. The manufacturing industry is modernizing at a rapid clip and your hiring and development strategies need to keep pace. Discover how to create the workforce you need for the future.

Reduce unwanted churn

Take charge of your attrition. Improve retention rates with data-driven strategies that help you identify skilled hires, onboard and train, boost engagement, and create meaningful career paths.

Visier People potential career path for a specific employee

Connect your workforce to your bottom line

Create informed workforce strategies that plan for the inevitable—retirement, skilled worker talent acquisition, and the era of automation—all directly impacting your organization’s business goals.

Visier People types of skills employees have across the organization

Power workfloor productivity

Your workforce operates on a tight schedule. See how data-driven HR can uncover information into your workfloor productivity. Use actionable answers to improve training hours, reduce machine downtime, increase production, and decrease safety incidents.

Visier Power workfloor productivity

"We previously spent all of our time on crunching data. The Visier tool allows to analyze the data, spend less time on data crunching, and move more towards insights and actions."

Gina Max, Senior Director, Talent Management and Diversity

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