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Diagnose workforce success

Leverage accurate people data and strategic workforce planning to stay at the forefront of science and research. Hire and manage highly skilled talent in a tightly regulated industry to keep your workforce and business goals aligned.

Manage multiple workforces

From research to manufacturing to marketing, the life sciences industry involves managing multiple complex workforces, with unique needs and goals. Use actionable insights to create acquisition, retention, and performance strategies for a diverse organization.

Visier People promotion events rate for overall vs female employees by organization hierarchy

Be prepared for anything

Strategically plan for workforce fluctuations when change is on the horizon, such as mergers, acquisitions, and surges in talent acquisition. Predictive analytics and “what-if” modeling enables you to manage your workforce proactively, not reactively.

Visier people 2020 headcount plan

Connect your workforce to your bottom line

Whether you’re in early research or active manufacturing, understand how your people are impacting your bottom line. Optimize your workforce, identify the traits of high performers, and reward people appropriately for their contributions.

Visier People results for quarterly revenue

"It’s not just HR doing analytics for HR. Our people analytics aims to increase the quality of people capital and the organizational decisions we make."

Anna Lena Fritzsche, Organization Development & People Analytics Expert

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