Visier Value: People Analytics Drives 17% Manager Turnover Reduction

Leverage your data to reduce manager turnover and overall employee resignations

Prudent HR professionals keep watch over their employee turnover metrics–but knowing your employee turnover rate does little to support strategic business plans. To reduce manager turnover and overall employee resignations, you need people analytics.

This Visier Value report outlines how Visier customers beat their peers in retaining talent overall by 3.5% and lowered manager turnover by 17% after two years. Further, you’ll learn how to use your data to articulate which interventions will result in the most saved jobs–and the most cost savings–at your organization.

What you’ll learn:

  • Find out how organizations achieved employee and manager turnover reduction
  • Assess the direct and indirect costs of manager turnover to your organization
  • Uncover five key steps to using people analytics to reduce manager turnover