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Visier Offers New Insights Into Hourly, Seasonal and Contract Workers

September 13, 2019

Visier People® Workforce brings analytics to the largest labour force in America


VANCOUVER, BC– Sept 13, 2019Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and planning, today released Visier People® Workforce, an analytics solution that provides enterprise organizations with critical business insights into their hourly, contract and seasonal workforce.


Visier People® Workforce connects any available source of workforce data to deliver detailed answers to an organization’s most critical business questions about their hourly workforce. These insights equip leaders across the organization to design and implement the right workforce plan that gets the best business results.


Visier People® Workforce dashboard
Visier People® Workforce dashboard


“Nearly sixty percent of the US workforce are considered to be on an hourly wage, that’s over 80 million employee experiences that need proper analysis and reporting,” said John Schwarz, CEO of Visier. “Understanding employees’ propensity to stay or leave, measuring productivity and absenteeism, investments in training and development, and improving management’s effectiveness in managing the workforce as a result of having predictive analysis at one’s fingertips is essential to run a successful business today.”


Visier People® Workforce provides organizations with over 125 business questions relating to absenteeism, case management, overtime, worker safety and more.  Teams can leverage these pre-built questions, refine them with data filters, or use them as a starting point to create their own custom metrics to fit their workforce.  


With Visier People® Workforce, leaders can:


  • Manage overtime effectively: Easily track and capture overtime hours, spotting patterns to reduce employee burnout, and unnecessary overtime pay.
  • Discover the drivers of absenteeism: Discover what’s driving absenteeism, measure the cost, and take the actions necessary.
  • Create better working conditions: Take aim at safety risks before they happen by quickly identifying problem sites and supervisors, and other factors that put your people at risk.
  • Maintain employee relationships: Oversee employee cases of all kinds, and drill into the history where needed, to optimize employee relations.


Visier People® Workforce analysis of hourly wage increases
Visier People® Workforce analysis of hourly wage increases


Visier People® Workforce is now available. For more information about the product, please visit


About Visier

Our curiosity, the desire to understand, is inseparable from what it means to be human. But, in the hype of big data analytics, we’ve forgotten that data does not equal knowledge.

Visier was founded to focus on what matters: answering the right business questions, even the ones a person might not know to ask. Questions that shape business strategy, provide the impetus for taking action, and drive better business results.

Visier is dedicated to transforming business analytics, to providing leaders with clear answers to critical business questions — out-of-the-box, without the hassle and cost of data management, statements of work, and long and risky development projects.

Visier lets companies say goodbye to data quality problems, to complexity, to costly tools, to endless service fees, and guesswork. A people strategy platform designed by domain experts for leaders, Visier lets leaders say hello to clarity, to confidence, to meaningful answers — and to better business performance. Say hello to Visier. Outsmart, outperform.

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