Connect workforce health to patient outcomes.

Hospitals with the right caregivers achieve higher patient satisfaction, lower readmission rates, and earn more revenue. Yet how can you understand what changes to make in how you hire, develop, retain, and engage caregivers to drive better patient outcomes? And how can you ensure your workforce programs and plans mitigate the risk of caregiver shortages in an increasingly tight talent market?
Healthcare Organization Reduces Turnover for $14M+ Savings Projected Over Three Years Case Study
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Optimize patient satisfaction through workforce engagement.

Visier People for Healthcare gives you deep insights into your workforce. Connect your HCAHPS survey results directly to your workforce to see what levers to pull to drive up patient satisfaction. Understand how caregiver engagement affects service quality by correlating it with HCAHPS results. Use these insights to build high impact talent programs that lead to higher patient satisfaction.

Discover the remedy for unwanted turnover.

Accurately predict resignations and retirements so you can develop proactive, laser-focused retention programs. Understand how your top talent was developed, so you can grow more. Collaboratively create workforce plans that take historic workforce trends and total workforce costs into account, and ensure you always have the right staff in the right roles to avoid dips in service quality.

Alleviate the symptoms of absence and overtime.

Understand how absenteeism and overtime impact your HCAHPS scores. Use workforce insights to reduce their incidence, and continuously monitor progress and the impact on your organization's costs.