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Gary Russo

Executive Director of Workforce Intelligence at Providence Health

When Visier gets involved, one of the things we love internally is that things are drag-and-drop easy. You can still customize. You can still build, but we can have a five-minute conversation about a turnover chart. Not a three-week development cycle.

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Melissa Shore

VP of Analytics & Employee Listening at UKG

We're moving from reporting to insight to action, and we can't do any of that without our people analytics in Visier.

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Austin M.

Sr. People Analyst - Workforce Intelligence at Enterprise Company (>1000 employees)

I love that Visier is truly a tool that combines all of the various sources of people data in a clean and straightforward way. It allows us to tell new stories back to our business and drive change.

Mike Salva

People Analytics & Reporting Manager at Pitney Bowes

With Visier, we’ve reduced turnover and improved hiring quality. But the biggest impact is that it gives our HR team license to drive strategic conversations with business leaders.

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Lydia Wu

Sr. Director, People Strategy & Operations at Panasonic Energy of North America

The reason why I love Smart Comp so much, is number one, I think it takes our comp practices out of the nineties. And, number two, it really adds that layer of intelligence to how we do total rewards.

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Megan R.

Sr. Data Analyst, People Analytics at Enterprise Company (>1000 employees)

Visier is our go-to tool for People Analytics. We use Visier as the primary tool for HR and Finance users, as well as US Executives in our company. We love how customizable it is and how helpful the customer service team is when we need upgrades and/or fixes.

Sameer Raut

Director of HRIS at Sunstate Equipment

Once Finance saw what they could gain from Visier’s insights and what we could produce, that solidified their confidence in me and the platform.

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Elizabeth Bartels

Workforce Analyst at CommonSpirit Health

Visier helps our leaders monitor different metrics aligned to our culture, so they can identify how well their teams are doing in onboarding, diversity, or retention all in one place.

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Kevin Liang

People Analytics Director at Telus

We were up and running eight weeks with Visier. That's probably one of the quickest technology implementations I've been a part of.

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Arnaud Grunwald

CPO at Betterworks

The experience with the team has been excellent, from the sales process to onboarding, to project planning, to project management. Also from the top, Ryan, the CEO, down to the project team with whom we worked on a daily basis.

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Steve Rudolf

System VP, Human Resources at Baptist Health

Visier delivers agility and speed. If my CFO asks, “What about this?,” we can literally change the metric and instantly have the answer on the screen so we can continue strategic discussions.

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Matthew Hamilton

VP of People Analytics & HRIS at Protective Life Corporation

With Visier, the granularity of analysis, we're able to dig down as deep as we want to in an organization to really understand the pockets of where something's happening, not just the big picture.

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Yannick Fouagou

Director of People Operations and Analytics at Gore Mutual

What traditionally required extensive consulting efforts over the years is now achievable within moments through Visier.

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Laura Stevens

VP Global Strategy, Analytics & Employee Experience at DSM

All the people in the HR leadership team have access to Visier. Our head of finance, by the way, also has access. So, they use it for cost reporting, for FDA reporting. I bet that if you would ask the executive committee whether they know Visier, they would say yes. I actually think that they find it one of the greatest tools or platforms that came out of HR over the last few years.

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Scott Judd

Sr. Director, People Analytics at eBay

If I had one word to describe Visier, that word would be awesome. Visier focuses people on the right data and helps them take actions with confidence.

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Lydia Wu

Sr. Director, People Strategy & Operations at Panasonic Energy of North America

With Visier, we’ve redefined the value of an HR organization and how we deliver returns for the business.

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