Goodbye Stress. Hello Success.

The data management and technology path from operational reporting to workforce intelligence can take years and cost millions of dollars. Visier is proven to get you there fast — at a fraction of the cost of other approaches.

Our customer success experts will integrate your relevant data, connect it in our HR-specific virtual data warehouse, and show you how to start answering hundreds of key workforce questions—using our pre-built, best practice workforce metrics and analytics.

No statements of work
Your software subscription includes data management. Swap out or add a new relevant data source any time, at no extra cost.
Your center of excellence
You’ll be connected with a team of experts from data onboarding to post-implementation. They’ll partner with you to understand your current state, review our strategy support toolkit, and develop a roll-out program that fits your needs.
Just add data and stir
With our innovative technology and world class customer success team, you won’t have to spend time building or maintaining your own reports, or integrating and managing data.

The Visier Onboarding Model

Ensure your success
1. Give Visier your data extracts – from any system
We don’t require you to transform or normalize your data. We have experience with all major HR systems, as well as homegrown data warehouses and spreadsheets.
2. Clean as you go
You don’t need to wait until your data is clean – we’ll work with you to identify and resolve data quality issues much faster than you could on your own.
3. Map data to pre-built analytics
We’ve completed the design, development, and analysis for you, so the final step in onboarding is for our team to simply map your data to Visier’s pre-existing metrics and analytics.