At a financial organization employing over 5,000 people, the HR team faced a tough choice: build a people analytics platform to meet their data needs–or purchase one. Their HR Technology and Analytics Leader had implemented a custom solution created in-house at previous employers, so he knew the high cost of a bespoke solution and the demand this project would place on IT.


At earlier positions, the leader said their custom data warehouse with Workday and best of breed applicant tracking and learning management system integrations took approximately two years to complete. Between this long lead time and the resourcing challenges, building a custom people analytics solution internally at the organization just didn’t make sense. Instead, HR chose Visier to meet their people analytics needs.

Visier took six months to get up and running. Not only was the setup time 18 months faster than a comparable custom solution, but the HR team is already seeing Visier’s ROI through new insights and standardized tracking across the organization.

“I’ve built BI and Decision Support Systems for over three decades, and the remarkable ease that it took in getting our data into Visier and into production–in a short amount of time–was quite remarkable for me.”

HR Technology and Analytics Leader


Although the Visier implementation is recent, the organization is already seeing several positive results in both HR and across the company. For example, Visier’s shorter integration time translated into 18 additional months of useful people analytics data without making additional demands on an already stretched-thin IT department.

Visier also saves the organization significant time and financial resources when it comes to maintenance. A custom data warehouse requires its own headcount and many hours to maintain on a regular basis. Since Visier handles all maintenance on its end, this financial organization doesn’t need additional dedicated employees or to build a time-consuming maintenance schedule.

With Visier, the HR team now also has access to standard metrics that are easy to explain and benchmark. With disparate systems and solutions, it’s easy for different departments to end up with different calculations, which leads to inaccurate data and many cross-departmental headaches. However, Visier provided the organization with one standard set of metrics that everyone now uses in their decision-making.

Although the team is still adding more data into Visier, the solution has already given them immediate access to granular information.

“We now have a seat at the table when it comes to the analytics of what’s going on in the organization. We can instantly provide numbers on demand to our leaders that are meaningful, and if somebody wants to drill down, we can drill down.”

HR Technology and Analytics Leader