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Visier Launches Secure Data Connector Capabilities for Visier People

Vancouver, BC and San Francisco, CA |

New capabilities provide increased accessibility, and security in exporting Visier data   

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and planning, today announced new data connector capabilities for Visier People, allowing customers to access and use data from Visier in spreadsheet applications, specialized analysis tools (such as Tableau, Qlik, SPSS, SAS, or R), and web applications (such as web portals or dashboards).


Through these data connectors, Visier People customers are able to securely export pre-aggregated metrics like headcountemployee retention and more, directly into external tools like excel. This eliminates data management work and data scientists and analysts are given cleaned, integrated data stored in Visier’s In-Memory Analytical Application directly into their format of choice.


“Visier unifies all employee data to become the most complete version of truth on people data for an organization, and many of our customers want to use that data in other systems and processes,” said Adam Binnie, Chief Product Officer of Visier. “Data Connectors allow organizations to quickly and easily define how the unified and cleansed data from Visier is accessed in a secure way.”


Data connectors are designed with the same security and permissions access, employed by the Analysis Dashboards used to access the enormous range of pre-built analytics that are provided with Visier People.. Organizations are provided with a secure API key, which allows approved external programs to import pre-selected data sets directly. This ensures user permissions remain consistent across all platforms.


Data connectors are available as part of the Visier People Spring 2019 release, and available to all customers today. Training and tutorials are available for Customers interested in leveraging these new features, and for additional assistance can contact their customer service team.