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Visier Launches People Cloud, Bringing the Human Truth to Leaders of People and Teams

Vancouver, BC |

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and on-demand answers for people-powered business, today announced Visier People Cloud. Built atop Visier’s category defining people analytics platform, Visier People Cloud solves the ‘Last Mile’ problem that can limit the transformational potential of people analytics strategies: extending beyond HR departments by putting timely, relevant insights directly in the hands of leaders who manage people. “Business is nothing without people, but most people managers and executives are still flying blind,” said Ryan Wong, co-founder and CEO of Visier. “Visier People Cloud is designed to solve this problem by revealing the real human truth of business for leaders, answering two equally important questions: what impact are people having on the business–and what impact is the business having on people?” 

Rethinking How Leaders Lead and How Managers Manage

The Visier People Cloud comes at a time when organizations are facing record-high resignation rates, and leaders are under pressure to rethink their social contract with employees. Employees want to know they’re making a difference for the business, but they also expect fairness, equity, and flexibility. Visier People Cloud shines light on the whole person so business and employees can win together. “At Providence, we’ve seen tremendous success using Visier to arm our people leaders with the data they need to make informed business decisions,” said Mark Smith, Vice President of Workforce Strategy & Analytics at Providence, a comprehensive healthcare system serving the Western United States. “In order for modern day organizations to truly succeed, they need data in all forms to be working harmoniously, creating a holistic view of the health of the organization, and more importantly the state of its people.” Visier research has found that the most progressive organizations are already connecting people data with operational data and democratizing these insights to managers and executives. Successful organizations provide insights that support their people managers such as compensation analytics, total cost of workforce, and pay equity. Uber, for example, has reported that more than half of its people managers are using Visier to make better decisions about people and teams.

How Visier People Cloud Works

Visier People Cloud acts as a hub that brings together the people data scattered inside and outside an organization, connecting it with the operational and work data powering a business–arming managers and executives with a deeper human truth about their business. Specifically, Visier People Cloud: Connects people to business outcomes–revealing how people and teams impact business goals and results related to revenue, delivery schedules, customer satisfaction, and the like. By connecting people to business outcomes, managers can make better decisions about hiring, promoting, compensation, training, and where and when to intervene to head off retention issues that could put business results at risk. For example, if a business plan targets 50% revenue growth, when and where should sales team hiring occur to reach that goal given historical ramp times and quota attainment? Democratizes people data to leaders who make the difference–extending people insights beyond HR and analytics teams to the managers and executives who are the most direct link to people and teams and are responsible for driving people-powered results for the business. People leaders are given targeted insights that help them see otherwise hidden opportunities and risks on their teams. Provides context for responsible and effective decisions–provides a holistic view of the person and the business so managers and executives can make fair and balanced decisions that create shared accountability for performance but without adding to burnout risks; and includes the in-context explanations that help managers know how to interpret data and take effective, responsible actions.

People Cloud Custom Services

Also announced today is People Cloud Custom Services, a new valued-added professional services offering from Visier, which provides expert and research-based best-practice guidance, custom extensions, and implementation and adoption services for the Visier People Cloud. This service offering, delivered by Visier and its certified partners, helps enterprise organizations identify areas where the introduction of better people insights can help people managers have a measurable impact on business outcomes in sales, customer service, software development, and other functions.  Learn more about Visier People Cloud and People Cloud Custom Services by visiting: https://visier.com/customer-experience/professional-services#custom-services. About Visier Visier is the recognized global leader in people analytics and on-demand answers for people-powered business. Founded in 2010 by the pioneers of business intelligence, Visier focuses on what matters to business leaders: answering the right questions, even the ones a person might not know to ask. Questions that shape business strategy, provide the impetus for taking action, and drive better business outcomes through workforce optimization. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC with offices and team members worldwide, Visier has 15,000 customers in 75 countries around the world, including enterprises like Adobe, BASF, Bridgestone, Electronic Arts, McKesson, Merck KGaA, Uber, and more. For more information, visit www.visier.com.