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Global People Analytics Leader Visier Introduces New Products that Lower the Hurdle for Data-driven Workforce Strategies

Vancouver, BC |

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and workforce solutions for people-powered business, today announced new products designed to offer fast, radically simple, and cost effective solutions to today’s most pressing workforce challenges. These products provide entry points to people analytics programs, skills transformations, and understanding and optimizing individual and team productivity and collaboration dynamics. The news was unveiled by Visier’s CEO Ryan Wong, at Visier’s annual Outsmart conference, which takes place this week in San Diego, California.

“Understanding your employees is essential to running a high performing, efficient and accountable business,” said Ryan Wong, CEO of Visier. “At Visier, we believe in making actionable people insights radically simple for our customers, no matter their experience or resourcing. That’s what these new products are all about: simple, cost-effective entry points and blazing fast time to value for people analytics programs, skills transformations and improving team dynamics and productivity.”

Visier People Essentials: An easy onramp to People Analytics programs

Launched today, Visier People Essentials draws on Visier’s 13 years of experience as the people analytics category pioneer and leader, and feedback from over 25,000 customers, to create a simple entry point, and guided paths to a robust and scalable people analytics program.

Visier People Essentials provides everything organizations need to launch, scale, or enhance their people analytics program in one simple, cost-effective package that includes:

  • Easy integration and harmonization of disparate HR data from any source

  • Hundreds of out-of-the box insights to solve the HR challenges that matter most

  • Full access to Visier's built-in benchmark data sourced from over 20 million anonymized employee records

  • Visier's fastest-ever time to value

  • Expert professional services to guide organizations every step of the way

Visier’s expert People Analytics Consultants will provide customers with everything they need to be successful, including guidance on data configuration, best practices in transforming people data into meaningful insights,  training on Visier People Essentials features and functionality, and building team capabilities to confidently reach self-sufficiency.

And when organizations are ready to go beyond Essentials, Visier has an unmatched portfolio of  add-on capabilities to grow with customers at their own pace. 

“Visier People Essentials helps teams develop a broad understanding of people analytics, and is flexible enough to scale up with the team as they grow in maturity and scale,” said Wong. “When organizations begin their people analytics journey, they often don’t always know what questions to ask. Essentials guides them to the fastest time to value, and our Visier team works alongside them to mature their people analytics strategy over time.”

More information about Visier People Essentials can be found at www.visier.com/products/visier-people-essentials/

Visier People Skills Intelligence Engine: A simple starting point for every skills journey

Also launched today, Visier People: Skills Intelligence Engine provides a complete inventory of an organization's skills–both the skills they have and the skills they need–which is generated automatically and nearly instantaneously. This becomes a powerful entry point for any skills transformation by highlighting company wide skills gaps for prioritizing hiring and learning and development initiatives, and targeting retention programs to backstop skills losses associated with employee exits.

Utilizing a powerful jobs and skills ontology, supported by Visier’s 20 million employee benchmark records, organizations can normalize job roles and skill sets and translate them into actionable insights through a skills mapping and matching engine. This automated and continuous skills mapping capability provides a running  assessment of the current skills of an organization’s workforce, without any manual effort.

“We consistently hear from HR leaders that efforts to become skills-based organizations have been complicated, expensive, unwieldy, and have fallen short of expectations,” said Paul Rubenstein, Chief People Officer at Visier.” We’re changing that with a simple solution that gets customers started on their skills journey by identifying the skills they already have within their organization, and the skills they need.”

Visier People: Skills Intelligence Engine is available to both enterprise customers and embedded partners. 

More information about Visier People: Skills Intelligence Engine can be found at https://www.visier.com/products/skills-intelligence-engine/.

Workplace Dynamics: Collaboration insights to improve productivity and effectiveness 

Visier People: Workplace Dynamics helps organizations understand how people work to provide the insights needed to create high-performing teams, reveal organizational risks, and empower employees and leaders to maximize their impact. Workplace Dynamics uses passive listening to understand how and with whom employees collaborate, how they feel, and how they get work done. This is then combined with actively solicited employee feedback, including strengths and weaknesses of team members with whom employees are working closely, to provide the most complete view of employee collaboration, well-being, and productivity. 

Initially launched in late 2022, a number of new additions to the Workplace Dynamics product offering have recently been added, including:

  • Turn sentiment, feedback, team dynamics, and work patterns into real-time, actionable insights that help people work better together and maximize productivity.

  • Reveal truths that are dangerously hidden in organizations, including burnout, risk of exit, and under utilized talent. When revealed, this results in a more resilient business.

  • Provide continuous insights to everyone in the organization, enabling colleagues to become better teammates, managers, and partners. 

More information about Visier People: Workplace Dynamics can be found at https://www.visier.com/products/collaboration-analytics/

Additional innovations: Work location analysis, alerts, custom solutions, and more

In addition to the major product launches above, Visier released new product enhancements, including:

  • Location Check-ins: Allowing organizations to load and analyze workplace check-in data, which occurs through a badge swipe or an access card at a physical location or a network login. Using this feature can help you answer questions such as: Are hybrid employees adhering to agreed-upon workplace policies? Are costly office locations used as expected? How do employee performance, productivity, and turnover compare between employees working in-office, remotely, and hybrid? 

  • Exception Alerts: Raises a flag anytime a metric of interest is outside of the historical norm within an organization. This functionality saves hours of sifting through and analyzing data to identify what’s significant in it.

  • Long-term Project Assignments: Allows organizations that deploy employees to long-lived, but time-bound, projects to assess usage and team composition. This can be used to apply diversity to the mix of talent on specific projects and maximize productivity within a staff base.

Further details on all of the announced features and products can be found at www.visier.com