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Four Keys to Successfully Adopting Workforce Intelligence Shared in Harvard Business Review Analytics Services Report

Vancouver, BC and San Jose, CA |

Results of study of Healthcare Providers provide lessons for enabling data-driven HR

Visier, the leader in Workforce Intelligence, today shared the release of a new Harvard Business Review Analytic Services (HBR-AS) report, Spearheading HR Transformation with Workforce Intelligence: Lessons from the Healthcare Industry, which was sponsored by Visier. The report, based on interviews by HBR-AS with HR practitioners at US Healthcare Providers, details four keys to success for any organization that wants to adopt workforce intelligence to make workforce decisions that drive better business outcomes. “‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’ is an expression HR leaders at healthcare provider organizations understand well,” says John Schwarz, CEO and Founder, Visier. “Healthcare providers are facing the need for dramatic HR transformations, brought on by healthcare reform, an aging workforce, and the shortage of skilled human resources. Successful and effective transformations require deep insight into the demographics, flexibility, and engagement of employees at all levels of the organization. Without such insight, critical people decisions are based on guesses.” Read John Schwarz’s blog post, Why Workforce Intelligence Is Essential to HR Transformation: A Healthcare Perspective. For this report, HBR-AS interviewed HR practitioners at US healthcare providers, as well as industry experts, to find out what drives healthcare providers to pursue workforce intelligence and how they are advancing. Their experiences offer four lessons for any organization that wants to adopt workforce intelligence platforms to make workforce decisions better aligned with business outcomes:

  • Seize on a compelling business need

  • Cultivate executive support

  • Demonstrate the value

  • Start small but aim big

“One of our study’s key findings was that each HR organization that had successfully adopted workforce intelligence has a CHRO who is trusted by C-suite colleagues as a true business partner and who was able to make the case for a data-driven decision approach to other top executives,” says Alex Clemente, managing director of Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. This report is the fourth in a series of studies performed by HBR-AS:

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