Why Visier

Candidate Privacy Notice

By submitting your CV, resume, or other information to Visier: (a) you acknowledge that you have read the Candidate Privacy Notice and you consent to the processing of your information in the manner described therein; (b) you represent that the information submitted by you is accurate and current (any misleading, false or willful omission of relevant information may result in your disqualification from and/or refusal of employment); (c) you represent that the CV, resume and information you submit to us is yours and you are not making a submission on behalf of another individual; and (d) you represent that you are legally permitted to work in the country where the position you are applying for is located.

Recruiter Policy

Visier will not accept an unsolicited resume from any source other than directly from a candidate. Any unsolicited resume sent to Visier, including an unsolicited resume sent to a Visier mailing address, fax machine or email address, or directly to a Visier employee, will be considered Visier property. Visier will not pay a fee for any placement resulting from the receipt of an unsolicited resume. Visier will consider any candidate for whom a staffing agency, placement service, or professional recruiter (each, an “Agency”) has submitted an unsolicited resume to have been referred by the Agency free of any charges or fees. Any agreement between Visier and an Agency will only be valid if in writing and signed by an officer of Visier or his or her expressly authorized designee. No other Visier employee or agent is authorized to bind Visier to any agreement with an Agency, including, without limitation, any agreement regarding the placement of candidates. VISIER HEREBY SPECIFICALLY REJECTS AND DENIES ANY LIABILITY UNDER ANY AGREEMENT PURPORTING TO BE ACCEPTED BASED ON NEGATIVE CONSENT, NEGOTIATION WITH A CANDIDATE, PERFORMANCE, OR ANY MEANS OTHER THAN THE DULY AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE OF A VISIER OFFICER.