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Leapgen x Visier
Digital Transformation Series

Interested in adopting people analytics? Attend the final live webinar in the Leapgen x Visier Series, led by Leapgen co-founder and CEO, Jason Averbook to learn why Visier customer Merck is rolling out people analytics to every people manager—not just across HR.
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Jason Averbook

Series Details

Check out the details of this 6-part series and watch past sessions on-demand.

People Data As A Business Accelerant: Guided Transformation

In this series of on-demand webinars and hands-on masterclasses, Jason Averbook, global keynote speaker, industry analyst, and CEO and Co-Founder of Leapgen, guides you through his step-by-step framework for building and implementing a powerful people analytics strategy. Jason’s framework has been specifically tailored to guide business leaders who are leading a people analytics transformation. In the first session of the Leapgen x Visier series, you can expect to learn:

  • How to align a people analytics strategy to organizational purpose and measurable results
  • What organizations should start doing today to set the stage for their data-driven transformation
  • Measures of success for data-driven transformation: how does this accelerate your business and tie to outcomes that will resonate with the C-Suite?

The ultimate goal of digital transformation for HR is not to automate processes for efficiency and savings; it’s to optimize human capabilities for maximum contribution to the business. Check out the first on-demand webinar of the series to learn more!

People Data as a Business Accelerant: Why Empathy + Data Analysis is the Best Formula for an Exceptional Workforce, with Clay Worley, CHRO at NCI

Clay Worley, CHRO, NCI

To build great workforce experiences, you need to understand your organization and have empathy for your people. In this session of the Leapgen x Visier Digital Transformation Series, Leapgen co-founder and CEO, Jason Averbook, will sit down with Clay Worley, CHRO at NCI, to discuss how Clay used a combination of empathy and data analysis to drive revenue produced by NCI’s people managers.

In this webinar, learn how Clay:

  • Put himself in the shoes of his hiring managers who had trouble quantifying the revenue impact from hiring.
  • Used these understandings to successfully help people managers make better, faster hiring decisions.
  • Reduced the time to fill open positions to increase billable earnings and contract renewals.

Check out this on-demand webinar to learn more!

People Data for Business: Voice of the Workforce

An elevated, modern workforce experience boosts morale, increases productivity, and accelerates business. Optimizing this experience means designing work for people, not expecting them to adopt and navigate tools and processes that don’t drive effectiveness.

Join Jason Averbook for this hands-on, step-by-step Leapgen x Visier masterclass, where he’ll break down the Who, What, Why and How of data-driven workforce experience design:

  • WHO: Workforce experience design is about creating personalized, relevant experiences at moments that matter for every person in the workforce
  • WHAT: Data is the single most important ingredient in workforce experience design. You can’t elevate the experience without understanding what’s important to your workforce, what they need to be successful, and how they define a great place to work.
  • WHY: Done right, workforce experience boosts morale, drives productivity, accelerates business performance, and retains both talent and customers.
  • HOW: We’ll walk you through a must-have toolkit for data-driven experience design.

People Data as a Business Accelerant: Maximizing Human Effectiveness

Your organization’s ability to thrive, compete, and build sustainability relies on your ability to activate the most important asset of business: your people. A well-designed employee experience enhances human capabilities, but you can’t transform the work experience without people data to tell you what’s really going on at every phase of your transformation.

Join us for this webinar with Jason Averbook and guest speakers Paul Rubenstein, Visier’s Chief People Officer, and Caitlin Bigsby, Visier’s Director of Product Marketing. The discussion will cover:

  • The data you should be capturing for human-centered design for workforce experience
  • How to connect people insight to the organization and make progress against business goals
  • How to leverage data to make the changes necessary for optimal people performance

Check out this on-demand webinar to learn more!

People Data for Business Acceleration: Turning Data into Action

Garbage in, garbage out. We’ve all heard it. The insights gained from a well-designed people data strategy are invaluable to optimizing and improving outcomes for the organization—and ultimately steer the actions that will create real, sustained business success.

Please join Jason Averbook, global keynote speaker, industry analyst, and CEO and Co-Founder of Leapgen for this final Leapgen x Visier masterclass. You’ll learn:

  • Where and how to make meaningful changes to the employee experience
  • How to personalize your organization’s workforce experience to reflect what your people value most
  • The value of continuous improvement through agile change and regular measurement of success

People Data as a Business Accelerant: Democratizing Insights for Superior Performance, Featuring Visier Customer Merck

In this last session of our six-part series, Jason will guide you through putting the pieces together and scaling people data insights across your business to many—or even all—people leaders.

In this final webinar, Jason will be joined by Merck’s Jill Sparacio, Associate Director of Workforce Analytics, and Darcy Varga, Associate Director of HR Reporting & Insights. Jill and Darcy will discuss why data insights are most powerful in the hands of all people managers—not just within HR—and how they plan to fully democratize their workforce data.

Webinar details:

October 5th, 2021
9am-10am PST / 5pm-6pm BST

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