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Workplace Trends 2022

The Age of Employees is Here

The massive upheavals of 2020 and 2021 made it clear that the most successful companies are the ones that evolve to retain and grow their most valuable asset: their people. This year’s Workplace Trends highlights the ten areas that reflect the people-first management attitude that will dominate 2022 and beyond.

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Top 3 workplace trends to know now

Visier has made the call: These are the top trends that will dominate 2022. Read more about each of these in the full report.

People Data Democratization is the Future

Shift from a handful of executives making people decisions to thousands of people managers—anyone that chooses who gets hired or promoted—making better decisions every day using people analytics.

The New Employer-Employee Social Contract

Repair the social contract that was broken during the pandemic by providing employees with proactive, well-communicated post-pandemic workplace strategies—that also prioritize their mental health.

Work Becomes an Experiment in Radical Flexibility

Hybrid work demands changes in managerial styles to ensure equality. Pulse employees regularly on how their expectations for face-to-face ork are evolving and the impact of physical spaces and in-person schedules.

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