From medium-sized businesses to large enterprises, our people analytics solutions help HR teams around the world achieve better business results.


BBVA Compass

Size: 10,000
Data Sources: Humanic HRIS, iCims Applicant Tracking, ADP®


  • Helping the business optimize the workforce to drive more business value
  • Shifting from reporting to analytics

Why Visier

  • Ease of implementation and use
  • Automated collection and validation of data

“With Visier, we now spend 80% of our time poring through data streams interactively with our managers. We’re able to create instant insights, and we can often answer questions from business leaders on the spot.”



Size: 9,000
Data Sources: Oracle®, Taleo®, Cornerstone-on-Demand®


  • Transform from reactive to proactive
  • Uncover new insights

Why Visier

  • Discover actionable insights quickly
  • Bring answers to the business
  • Prepare for the future

“I look forward to the day when we in HR can go to the business with the solution to a problem or opportunity that we did not realize we had. We’ll be able to determine what precise and focussed investment are needed so we can impact the business.”  


Electronic Arts


  • HRMS reports were difficult to produce
  • Reporting environment did not allow for enough analysis
  • Analytics team could not keep up with leadership requests

Why Visier

  • Ability to deliver workforce insights to more leaders, while reducing the team’s workload
  • Better headcount cost management based on historic hiring and turnover trends
  • Ability to shape high-impact HR programs through in-depth analysis of both workforce and business data

“With Visier, we showed that new grads acquired through the University Relations program cost the same or less than their experienced peers, yielding a better performer with more potential at the same or lower cost.”

Pitney Bowes logo with magnifying glass, video, quote icons

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes, a global technology company known for its postage meters and other mailing equipment and services, chose Visier’s full suite of people analytics solutions to easily analyze, identify, and predict issues and opportunities within the entire employee experience.

With Visier, Pitney Bowes no longer needs to pull data manually from their different systems. Instead, this people analytics solution brings all that information instantly together so the HR team can get the answers they need to critical workforce and business questions in seconds.

“The ability to bring all that information instantly together and to be able to look for those patterns and ultimately, for Visier to start using that information to predict actions, that’s really where the power of Visier comes in. It’s easy to use, to bring together disparate data sources and then use that data to make business decisions” – Andrew Gold, Vice President of Total Rewards and HR Technology, Pitney Bowes Inc.




Size: 28,000
Data Sources: Success Factors®, SAP®

Designer and builder of advanced memory and semiconductor technologies. Challenges

  • Optimizing productivity

Why Visier

  • Tremendous analytical capability
  • Enabling better workforce decisions

“Visier has a full, comprehensive environment that allows you to really get your hands on the data, look at it all sorts of different ways, very quickly.”



Size: 16,000

Novo Nordisk

Size: 5,000

Merck KGaA

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany is a leading science and technology company with more than 50,000 employees in healthcare, life science, and performance materials. Challenges

  • Increase the use of data and analytics to drive workforce decisions
  • Move to to global processes so everyone could leverage the same data and definitions
  • Reduce assumptions about talent trends that were not based on data but rather on “gut feelings”

Why Visier

  • Position HR as a strategic partner to management
  • Provide people analytics to line managers
  • Increase in overall quality of Human Capital decisions

“At Merck KGaA, it’s not just HR doing analytics for HR. Our people analytics aims to increase the quality of people capital and the organizational decisions we make.” – Anna Lena Fritzsche, Organization Development & People Analytics Expert, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany



Size: 2,000

Bank of the West


Amgen Inc.

Size: 20,000

Dignity Health

Cable & Wireless Communications logo

Cable & Wireless Communications



Experian is a global leader in consumer and business credit reporting, data, and information services, with clients in more than 80 countries. It provides data and analytical tools to businesses to help them manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers, and automate decision-making. Challenges

  • Data sources in multiple systems and reliance on static lists of data and Excel-based analytics tools
  • Lack of time for strategic analysis due to manual effort to update metrics and reports
  • Inability for HR business partners to access workforce insights without help from analytics team

Why Visier

  • Provides out-of-the-box content built specifically for HR
  • Visier’s Topic Guidebook, which delivers off-the-shelf answers to key workforce issues
  • Creates tailored, online visuals that are intuitive for users to customize further
  • Helps leaders answer key business questions with metrics focused on strategic outcomes
  • Creates capacity to focus on additional predictive analytics projects

“Because Visier is built specifically for HR, the hard work around definitions and setup are already done.”

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory customer logo

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

JPL customer logo

Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Digital Globe

BMO Bank of Montreal customer logo

Bank of Montreal


Commonwealth Bank of Australia



Size: 8,500
Data Sources: SAP®

Products and services that accelerate innovation in the global electronics market.


  • Using data to make good business decisions

Why Visier

  • Leading edge workforce analytics

“It’s very obvious once you work with Visier that they are dynamic and customer responsive, but also they have a very deep knowledge in the domain of business intelligence.”  – Kevin Syvrud, VP, Global Operations, Human Resources


Wolverine Worldwide

Size: 4,000

City of Hope




  • Distributed analysts operating autonomously focused largely on their business unit
  • Business units used different tools, information, approaches, and presentation of data
  • Lack of efficiency and the inability to scale analytics efforts

Key Results

  • Removal of redundant activities, eliminating about 1,000 hours of extraction, reporting, and analytics work in the first six months
  • Delivery of actionable information to the business units and decision makers that need it most
  • Gives the analytics team more business insight and career opportunities

“We have been able to double Visier utilization within ten months as we can now concentrate on a core set of tools and communicate with one voice in an advisory capacity.” – RJ Milnor, Vice President of Workforce Planning and Analytics.



Dick's Sporting Goods customer logo

Dick's Sporting Goods

Coast Capital Savings customer logo

Coast Capital Savings


City of Edmonton

Size: 13,000
Data Sources: PeopleSoft®, Oracle®, Taleo Recruiting


  • Look at data in new ways
  • Enable a data-driven culture
  • Connect data for new insights

Why Visier

  • Transform reporting
  • Turn data into visual stories
  • Simplify the complex

“We want to be able to put data into the hands of our senior management team as well as our HR Business Partners and enable them to have the information they need to make decisions. Visier allows us to do that.”

adobe customer logo

Adobe Systems Incorporated


First West Credit Union

Size: 1,800
Data Source: Halogen®, PeopleSoft®

British Columbia’s third-largest credit union. Challenges

  • Understanding the impact of mergers on the workforce
  • Building a data-supported culture within HR
  • Limited analytic tools; data in multiple systems

Why Visier

  • Enhanced visibility into employee movement
  • Intuitive, guided interface for analytical insight and answers to critical workforce questions


Chubb and Son


Juniper Networks

Loma Linda University Medical Center customer logo

Loma Linda University Medical Center

Keurig Dr Pepper customer logo

Keurig Dr Pepper


Apria Healthcare


Intuitive Surgical

keybank logo


fcb worldwide customer logo

FCB Worldwide

Fresenius Medical Care customer logo

Fresenius Medical Care

Port Authority of NY/NJ customer logo

Port Authority of New York & New Jersey



Sabre, a global travel technology company, chose Visier’s people analytics solution for its ability to make their workforce data accessible, scalable, and most importantly, actionable.

With the Visier solution, Sabre’s people analytics and workforce planning team no longer spends days pulling data; instead, they can pull people insights in seconds that enable them to be strategic advisors to the business.

“Even though we just recently implemented and deployed the analytics portion of Visier, we’re already seeing results. Right now, we have people who get data in a millisecond versus having to wait hours and sometimes days. So the accessibility is tremendous.”
– Valerie Penn, Senior Director of Strategic Workforce Planning, People Analytics, Sabre

University of Virginia customer logo

University of Virginia


SVB Financial Group

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission customer logo

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission



“We selected Visier to move us from reporting on HR data to leveraging HR data to drive business decisions. Our HR team was amazed that Visier enabled us to respond and provide insights to the team in a fraction of the time, with a better outcome, compared to what took HR days or weeks to do in the past. We were spending 80% of our time collecting and validating data and only 20% doing analysis. With Visier, we now spend 80% of our time poring through data streams interactively with our managers. We’re able to create instant insights, and we can often answer questions from business leaders on the spot. Being able to aggregate all of our workforce related data with business metrics is a big win for Comerica’s HR team.” –Catherine Garrett | HR Operations, Technology and Risk Director, Corporate Human Resources