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Trust and Security


Security is embedded into our everyday responsibilities and regularly championed by our Executive Leadership team. Through regular training and security awareness initiatives, we are proud to have fostered a culture where employees feel a shared responsibility towards maintaining and enhancing security at Visier. 

We design our processes and technologies to be robust and aligned with industry best practices (including information assurance frameworks) at an organizational, platform, and operational level to adequately protect your data.

Organizational Security

At Visier, security is every employee’s responsibility. Considering our people are essential to the delivery of secure solutions, we instill the importance of security right from our new hire onboarding experience and reinforce this principle through regular training and awareness programs.

With empowerment and support from Visier’s Executive Leadership team, we have built a comprehensive Security Program that promotes the importance of security and the protection of customer data throughout the organization. Visier invests considerable resources to ensuring that only qualified professionals make up the teams that manage and oversee our infrastructure.

Platform Security

Data Security

Data Encryption

Customer data is encrypted at rest and while in transit using leading industry standards. To encrypt your data, we use a strong encryption key that is unique to you. This key is managed via a robust and secure key management process and periodically rotated to ensure the continued confidentiality of your data. Your data will remain encrypted while being transmitted within our secure networks using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). You can also encrypt your data with our PGP public key when sending us your data through Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Logical Segregation of Tenant Data

Data is logically segregated within our multi-tenant environment through uniquely encrypting each customer’s data files. Through a combination of encryption, regular rotation of encryption keys, and other technical controls, we ensure the confidentiality of customer data through logical separation on a per customer, per user basis.

Access to Customer Data

Our cloud computing and data center service providers do not have access to unencrypted customer data. Only a very limited number of Visier employees have access to customer data in order to provide customer support and manage customer requested changes.

Application Security

Infrastructure Security

Operational Security

Physical Security

Our organization maintains state-of-the-art facilities for our employees to safely work from. Visier offices are protected with access badges, security personnel, and surveillance cameras that monitor all entry and exit points. We have also designed the delivery of our solutions to ensure that no customer data is required to be stored on premises at our offices.

We selected some of the world’s top data center providers to ensure they have sufficiently secure facilities and processes that can help us manage and process highly sensitive data. We perform periodic assessments of these service providers to validate that their internal controls on physical security continue to meet our standards and requirements.

Vulnerability Management

Secure Data Centers and Service Availability