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We consider compliance instrumental to maintaining trust with our customers and providing them with assurance through a wide range of sources.

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In supporting our mission to empower leaders with the insights they need to better see, understand, and make better business decisions, it’s crucial that our customers trust and have confidence in how we protect their data.

We consider compliance instrumental to building and maintaining this trust, and we achieve this through:

  • Ensuring that we develop and implement internal processes and policies to meet the requirements of applicable laws and regulations.
  • Implementing continuous monitoring of our internal controls, systems, and core infrastructure for alignment with our policies and external requirements.
  • Conducting both organization-wide and role-specific training upon new hire and at least annually to ensure compliance with our policies and external requirements.
  • Establishing the Trust Services team and program to validate, monitor, and manage ongoing compliance.
  • Investing in considerable resources (e.g. maintaining data centers globally) to enable customers in complying with data localization or data residency requirements. 
  • Validating the effectiveness of our internal controls and practices through third-party attestations (e.g. audits and certifications).

Audits and Certifications

We have considered various internationally recognized certifications to help demonstrate and validate the adequacy of our security and privacy practices, and our approach to protecting your data. We provide our customers with such comfort through several sources, including third-party audits and attestations, certifications, and self-assessments.

CSA STAR Level 1

Trust Assurance Package (TAP)

Visier has invested considerable resources towards Visier's Trust Assurance Package (TAP) to provide our customers with information regarding our security, privacy and compliance practices. The Visier TAP includes up to date information and a wide-ranging set of artifacts that should provide a more than reasonable level of assurance towards Visier's processes and internal control environment.

Existing customers may access the Trust Assurance documents (such as the SOC 2 report) on the Visier Service Portal: Trust Assurance & Artifacts Knowledge Base.

If you are a prospective customer, please reach out to your Account Executive.