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Visier's Code of Conduct

At Visier, we put people first. Our business was founded to help people see the human truth and create a better future with data-driven decisions. We believe that lasting accountability and change only come from transparency. In that spirit, we are public in our commitments to creating a company and community where trust, inclusion, and cooperation are fundamental and environmentally responsible, safe and ethical operations are the norm. We are all accountable for creating this community. We believe this community includes our employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. 

Our Commitment to People and Core Values

Visier commits to providing physical and psychological safety to its people not just as the law may require but also as a social conscience. This includes: meeting local health and safety regulations where Visier operates as a baseline; commitments to a culture of inclusiveness, diversity, equity, and belonging; and, more importantly, commitments to educate our people about equal opportunities, to discuss and provide training on topics such as unconscious bias, and to actively monitor and engage in behaviors that promote equality and merit.

Visier does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, marital status, age, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, genetic information, and any other characteristic protected or supported under applicable law. Further, Visier seeks to promote inclusiveness for domestic partnerships, adult-interdependent relationships, and other forms of consenting adult relationships as our people may choose to commit themselves emotionally. You can read more about our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging framework here.

In addition to Visier’s Core Values that guide our actions, we are committed to creating a community built on the foundation of respect, integrity, accountability, and leadership.

Respect: Respect, Diversity & Inclusion is not just one factor in today’s world. Visier sees them as the defining factor of today’s world. Decisions based on Respect, Diversity & Inclusion are paramount in Visier’s corporate culture.

Integrity: Our commitment to openness, truth-seeking, and the ethical and moral high ground. It may not be easy, but it’s right.

Accountability: Our commitment to not concern ourselves with who is right or wrong, but with what is right or wrong. Accountability permeates the way we engage our people, our business, and our community at large. Our hope is that the best intentions produce the best results and if they don’t, we own that.

Leadership: Visier is a clear product leader in our chosen space. We value being more than a product; however, we value being a cultural leader and a champion of change.

Our Practices

Visier lives and engages with our core values and the policies that support them, each and every day. As such, Visier has implemented mandatory, formal education and training programs to reinforce our policies and values, which must be completed by Visier’s people on at least an annual basis.

Internal Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct helps us share our commitments with the world. Visier’s internal code of conduct runs even deeper and defines specific criteria by which Visier employees are required to comply. This includes detailed sections on Viser’s ongoing commitments to:

  • Compliance with laws,
  • Fair Dealings and Business Ethics
    (including commitments of honest dealings, integrity, and anti-bribery)
  • Ethical Obligations for Visier Employees
  • Avoidance of Insider Trading
  • Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest
  • Handling of Confidential Information

Anti-Bullying and Harassment

Visier commits to robust policies addressing Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination in the workplace. These policies set zero-tolerance standards for all manner of bullying, harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct. They also detail compliance, investigative, and disciplinary procedures necessary for enforcement.

Human Rights and Combating Modern Slavery

Human Rights are universal, and slavery is wrong. Visier supports the principles of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the Principles of Truth and Reconciliation and condemns involuntary servitude and child labor practices worldwide. We make these statements supporting principles exposed by the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and its similar legislation globally and expect our suppliers and partners to do the same. 

Environment and Creating a Sustainable World for the Future

We recognize modern enterprise has an impact on the environment, and Visier is committed to the responsible use of finite resources. Like many other organizations, we are actively learning more about how we can understand our carbon footprint and find a path to minimizing it. We pledge to explore and engage with opportunities to minimize environmental impact through various strategic commitments. Visier presently manages its carbon output and energy consumption through organic means. We track carbon emissions of our air travel, take steps to minimize the impact of our physical office spaces, and strategically choose data centers and cloud infrastructure that provides visibility into their environmental initiatives and enables us all to create a better future for our planet and community.

Privacy and the Ethical Use of Data

Privacy and the ethical use of data, particularly in the digital space, is a real and present concern for all those engaged with modern commerce. Visier actively fosters a privacy-aware culture. We believe that accountability for privacy lies with all team members. For further information on Visier’s comprehensive Privacy commitments and policies, please visit here: https://www.visier.com/trust/.

Core to Visier is the responsible and ethical use of data. We support this by making the responsibility to maintain data security more than just a policy, and we make it part of our culture. Also, we actively steward and safeguard against the issues of bias in creating benchmarks and the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Responsible AI

Acknowledging the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI), Visier is dedicated to maintaining a safe and responsible approach to our use of these technologies as we leverage them towards better business outcomes. Our AI governance model is an extension of our core value of ethical and responsible use of data. We adhere to principles intended to (i) foster measured development in consideration of the latest standards; (ii) actively monitor and adapt to compliance requirements based on emerging regulations; and (iii) prioritize transparency and accountability in AI development by working to understand and address risks as they materialize.

Our Partners

Visier seeks to do business with organizations that are aligned to Visier’s core values, and that equally choose to promote and protect those standards of ethical practice that Visier holds dear. Visier expects that any supplier, partner, subcontractor, vendor, or other third-party business relation holds itself to the highest degree of ethical conduct. This includes, at minimum, for organizations to maintain of their own volition a suitable code of ethics and business conduct for employees to understand and follow in their daily engagements, and that fosters a workplace based on respect, diversity, and inclusion.

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