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Transform HR data into action

Keep your talent strategies agile in a fast-paced industry. Stay at the forefront of finding and keeping great talent with visibility into your hiring funnel, drivers of success, and risk of exit.

Prepare for growth

Use data to connect your workforce to strategic business outcomes. Power your workforce’s productivity during periods of growth, compare “what-if” scenarios, and keep track of meaningful patterns in employee movement.

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Challenge diversity standards

Benchmark your organization’s diversity metrics today to understand where you need to grow tomorrow. With better visibility into the demographics of your workforce, create better strategies to attract, retain, and mentor diverse employees.

Visier People Talent attributes impacting the resignation of women

Analytics as innovative as you are

In technology’s hyper competitive talent market, people leaders need analytics that drive real business results. With quarterly releases, Visier’s enterprise-grade solutions provide the latest in analytic advancements for tech companies focused on growth.

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