Develop a diverse, top talent workforce.

Technology developers with the top talent win. Companies with a diverse workforce and inclusive culture outperform others. Yet how can you hire, develop, retain, and engage the best in a hyper competitive talent market? How can you embed inclusion and diversity into every people practice in your company? And how can you grow your workforce in time to support your organization's strategic direction?
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“It’s very obvious once you work with Visier that they are dynamic and customer responsive, but also they have a very deep knowledge in the domain of business intelligence.” – Kevin Syvrud, VP, Global Operations, Human Resources

Get talent insights as advanced as your workforce.

Get talent insights as advanced as your workforce.

Understand how to hire and develop more top performers. Know what levers to pull to boost engagement. Connect compensation and talent development to innovation. See how to drive the best results by connecting workforce dynamics to business outcomes.
Dive deep into diversity.

Dive deep into diversity.

Get a complete, in depth view into the diversity of your workforce and how it is changing. Understand how to grow a more diverse pool of top talent and leaders. Predict which diverse talent is a flight risk. Ensure equity across your organization, in all your HR practices, including talent acquisition, compensation, development, and more.
Grow a top talent workforce in time.

Grow a top talent workforce in time.

Collaboratively develop data-driven workforce plans to ensure you have the talent needed to execute on your evolving business strategies. Bring all workforce cost data together in one place–including costs for hiring, overhead, benefits, and contingent workers–to ensure you make the best workforce decisions. Compare "what if" scenarios, and monitor actuals to plan.

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