Why Visier


Scale self-serve people analytics faster

Visier is an end-to-end people data stack that efficiently enriches HR source data—helping you unlock actionable insights to thousands of users, without sacrificing security and governance controls.

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What is Visier?

Visier is an open and extensible people analytics platform that enables your team to rapidly adapt to the constant flux of technology and business changes. Adjust our pre-built data model to augment your technical environment and save countless hours.

Why is a purpose-built tool needed?

Many organizations struggle to evolve out of basic reporting and analytics, despite significant HR tech investments. According to a Forrester study, 68% of companies cite the main challenge is knowing how to move beyond data collection. Visier solves the last mile data problem.

Reason #1

HR data is siloed across disparate systems

How Visier helps

Reason #2

Too much data makes it difficult to identify gaps in workforce knowledge

How Visier helps

Reason #3

HRIS and BI tools are only capable of static operational reporting

How Visier helps

HRIS teams do more with Visier

Constantly changing data ecosystems complicate the management of an integrated analytic tech stack. Visier enables your team to rapidly deliver people insights across the employee lifecycle.

Empower strategic decisions

The Visier difference

Before Visier

Building, deploying and maintaining a proprietary people analytics solution places a significant burden and cost on IT departments

Adapting to the constant flux of technology and business changes is time consuming and challenging

Keeping pace with ongoing innovations in people analytics is difficult, including ML and AI to scale insights delivery

Managing user permissions is challenging due to the nested, historical, and event-triggered nature of people data

HR data often remains in silos, with different hierarchical structures

User adoption will be low if your people analytics solution’s interface is not intuitive for non-technical staff to explore data on their own

With Visier

Shave years off your team’s delivery schedule, and reduces TCO, by rapidly transforming raw people data into powerful visual stories

A built-in app management tool makes prototyping, production, and handling deprecations easier

Visier’s AI digital assistant, Vee includes enterprise security, and delivers intuitive, and accessible workforce insights

Centralized security and management enables teams to implement and enforce policies and user permissions consistently

Integrate with any data source including HRIS systems or data repositories

Deliver the best possible user experience. Visier was voted #1 in user experience two years in a row by Sapient Insights’ annual HR Systems Survey.

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Extend Your HR Tech Stack with AI and Analytics that Scale

Discover common HR data management challenges, limitations of BI tools, and how teams can use generative AI to deliver business insights faster.

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Sameer Raut
Accelerate workforce insights delivery

Once Finance saw what they could gain from Visier’s insights and what we could produce, that solidified their confidence in me and the platform.

Sameer Raut, Director of HRISSunstate Equipment


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