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Strategic Recession

With economic uncertainty on the horizon, ensure that your people strategy is agile enough to weather the storm.

Recession Resilience helps your organization take proactive, data-driven action now, so that your workforce is ready for any economic cycle—and poised to come out stronger on the other side.

Understand what’s working and what’s not

In challenging market conditions, a fine-tuned understanding of your workforce is critical. Visier reveals the talent bright spots you need to preserve: star performers, efficient teams, hidden leaders, and more. You can also quickly identify areas to adjust—such as team sizes and structures, spans of control, and employment types.

Project and plan for the future

Calibrate your targets to the current economic climate and move towards them. For example, we’ll help you create a data-driven headcount plan to ensure your organization emerges healthy from a recession, while taking natural attrition and diversity into account.

Take calculated action early

Get ahead of a recession by making data-driven decisions that will help contain costs. Will natural attrition be enough to avoid a RIF? Whether it's a hiring freeze, adjusting your worker mix, or a reorg, Visier delivers the insights you need to act now.

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Coordinate action

Defined group goal-setting and dynamic planning enables a holistic approach with data-driven, targeted strategies throughout the organization.

Sharpen your focus

Understand what’s preventing progress and project the future state to highlight the risk of inaction so you can design interventions that work.

Execute with agility

Leveraging 10 years of proven results, you’ll get tailored recommendations to empower your organization to take the right steps towards a more diverse workforce.

Partner with experts to deliver real change

We’re here with you every step of the way. Leverage deep expertise and tailored support to help you accelerate towards your goals.

Guidance at every step

We partner with you to lead successful data-oriented transformation through your organization. Leverage Visier-guided best practices and recommendations to drive positive change.

Tailored support

Leveraging your current data to identify your unique challenges and underlying root causes, we develop a targeted action plan designed to address your highest priorities.

Activate your organization

Give focus and drive accountability by putting information into the hands of the leaders making the decisions. Empower data-driven decision-making that makes progress.

Be ready for anything

Visier equips you with the insights you need to help your workforce adapt to any economic situation.