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Trust and Security

For your organization to conduct research on our dataset, please send us a proposal. More information is available below.

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics, is looking for innovation partners. Qualified academics, partners, and customers will gain access to our unique dataset—HR data from over 8000 customers operating in 75 countries. Together we will advance people analytics, operations research, diversity and inclusion, economics, and data science. 

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We take pride in our partnerships with researchers. 

Graduate students

We’d be delighted to have you add a fellowship at Visier to your studies. Here’s some of the qualities we look for in our fellows:

  • Do you have skills in social, natural, or applied sciences? Operations or business research? 
  • Want to help bring a new perspective to a rarely accessed dataset?
  • Are you interested in applying your craft in industry?    
  • Looking to become even more employable? 


We are aware of your ethical obligations, responsibility to guide your graduate students to their academic potential, and your role in scholarly publications. 

We can help your graduate students gain breadth and tackle novel research questions using our research infrastructure. Beyond our unique dataset, we offer formal onboarding for visiting scholars–which builds on our award-winning paid cooperative education program–as well as a supportive work environment and learning opportunities in social science, data science, and software engineering.  

We recognize the importance of sharing work in technical and scholarly forums. We discuss publication rights and responsibilities at the start of the collaboration.


For collaboration with Canadian universities, we favour engagements through the Mitacs Accelerate program. This established framework covers compensation and ownership of intellectual property. We have bilateral agreements with other universities. 


We know some Visier customers want to answer novel questions beyond the scope of their own workforce. Building on our existing relationship and under a new agreement, we can grant you access to our research infrastructure to further your research.

Additional information