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Visier Launches New Metrics for HR Departments to Measure Internal Effectiveness

New data offers insights into HR’s role in impacting overall business outcomes   

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and planning, today announced new data capabilities measuring the effectiveness of the HR department, providing tangible business impacts for HR leaders to present to their leadership team.


Rolling out to all Visier customers as part of the Spring update, HR Effectiveness provides content to help the HR organization look inwardly and understand the data around their own efficiency. HR Leaders will now have the capability to ensure their department has enough resources to support their organizations workforce, and will have valuable data outlining HR’s impact on the organization in order to advocate for budget and resources with financial stakeholders. In addition, HR teams will have the ability to utilize Visier Benchmark data to compare their HR effectiveness against the industry average.


“Companies are always looking to make sure that HR function is spending time and money on the most important challenges in the most effective way,” said Paul Rubenstein, Chief People Officer for Visier. “We are committed to helping CHROs  measure impact and access the data for making business cases around changing HR’s spend. This shouldn’t be a consulting project, this should be every-day information that is at their fingertips.”


Available with the Visier People Spring release, HR Effectiveness will include metrics for: HR employee ratio, HR FTE ratio, HR labour costs per employee, Manager to HRBP ratio and Manager to HR recruiting ratio. These metrics will answer critical HR business questions like, how is the level of HR staffing changing? How are the HR labor costs per employee and per HR employee changing? What are the demographics of the HR team? How effective are specific HR functions like recruiting performing?


HR Effectiveness will automatically be included within Visier Organization.

About Visier

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